Thursday, June 11, 2009

FW: Are you a Fan of Wizard101?

Hey all, this just came across.

Begin forwarded message:


Are you a Fan of Wizard101?

Did you know that Wizard101 is on Facebook?

If you are a Wizard101 Fan on Facebook, or become one before Friday 12 June 2009 at 5pm Central US time, you will be sent a promotional code for a special gift!

Visit our Facebook Page to become a Fan!

I have, in fact, been a fan of Wizard101 on Facebook now for a few months! I wonder what the special gift will be.


Anonymous said...

so how do you get the code?

Stingite said...

I imagine they'll let people know through facebook after the date and time that was specified has passed. Just a guess though.

Mad Mom said...

super excited, just became a fan a few days ago! Thanks for the heads up!

Justin HexHunter said...

You wont believe it. when i went to become a fan, there were 666 fans. i wanted to tip that number because i didnt want wizard 101 to be evil. so i am the 667'th fan of wizard 101. lol.

Fatal Exception said...

Codes are IN/ Check UPDATES in YOUR FB Inbox. Be quick, there's (theoretically) a 24 hour expiration.