Friday, June 26, 2009

Is there a Wizard101 podcast?

Just got a question from Mindy DragonSong:

Question=Hi! I recently
started playing W101
and have been
enjoying the game.
I was surprised,
however, when I
checked iTunes and
found no Wizard 101
podcasts listed!
Can you recommend
any Wizard 101
podcasts or do they
not exist?

I don't think there is one . . . yet. It sounds like a great idea!

Just to be sure I sent the question on to Professor Greyrose (The Community leader) at Kingsisle, and she said that she hadn't heard of one. THEN, she sent the question along to Fernando, the PR guru at Kingsisle, and this is what he said:

"You mean do we sponsor or put one out? If so, no. If you mean have there ever been podcasts that include Wizard101, yes."

So it sounds like Wizard101 has been talked about on a podcast or two in its day, but never had an official one all of its own. Interesting question, thanks!

Happy Dueling!

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