Friday, June 5, 2009

Stop asking me for the code to the staff . . .

I've never come out and told anyone this before, but it's very true. Those Beckett codes for the staff and the shard tail dragon? Yup, they are single use. sorry.

I had a reader who wanted to make this point, and so I'm going to let him speak for both of us.

Question=Hey, not really a
question here, more
like a answer. Its
about the Staff Code
everyone begs guys
like me for.

First, let me
explain the staff
code. It comes from
the March issue of
Beckett's Massively
Online Gamer, and
its UNIQUE per
magazine. Its a 20
digit numerical code
that can only be
used ONCE.

So please, when you
see a guy with the
cool staff, don't
beg them for the
code. We can't give
it to you. Sorry!

Happy Dueling!


Fatal Exception said...

Sad that March has passed?

Find THIS magazine:

It is for May/June. It has a Wizard 101 Article, and the Staff Code number. You haven't lost your chance..yet.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

I know what you mean. That's why I put my staff away for a little bit and took out the ol' sword.

Anonymous said...

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