Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meeting Sestiva Hex, a short story

Are you all familiar with Sestiva Hex? She roams the dark side over at the Mythspent Youth blog. There is a must see post over there today involving a sad note to Spooky Bob. LOL. Hilarious.

It took a bit to finally meet Sestiva, but FINALLY we were able to pull together in the Myth School tower and say hello.

After performing the bloggers secret handshake (it involves some kind of crimped up monkey grip that accounts for our chronic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome), Sestiva and her sister Abigail Mythhammer (Sestiva's Grandmaster Myth caster) were kind enough to show me around their houses. She had some awesome stuff for my housing item of the day posts, which should be making an appearance over the next couple weeks.

Before you knew it we were hanging out at my place (I had to show her my chameleon statue collection) and some of the usual crew showed up along with Sestiva's daughter, Fiona. Sean got to meet Sestiva and they exchanged blog website addresses since neither had checked out each other's blog for some reason.

We all learned about Elijah's e-mail problems, (I'm still waiting for that PM over at the Central Elijah) and had a good laugh or two.

Seriously, really good to meet Sestiva finally.

That would be the end of our story until we separated our ways and I followed Kyle. Yes, Kyle was there . . . not me playing Kyle, but THE REAL KYLE. For some reason he really wanted to take down the jade oni a few times. I have no idea why he is so random, but he is . . . God bless him.

This is where karma came back to haunt me.

Elijah and Sean decided to teach my kids how to spam using good old Enter + up arrow key trick.

The rest of the night was a blur of "XD" "XP" "No" "Yes" and "I win" spam pretty much.

*shakes head*

ANYWAY, somewhere in the midst of that spam Sestiva said goodnight and good to meet you. In case I didn't respond because of the spam. "IT WAS GOOD TO MEET YOU TOO!"

Happy Dueling!


Fatal Exception said...

Friendly, are we gonna co-ordinate a bloggers "meet up" realm/location specific for Wiz Gathering 09?

Alex SandStone said...

Friedly, you look hillarious in those 2 pictures. Santa Clause in summer. Oh yeah, just started following your blog. :)

Alex SandStone

Dylan Darkblade said...

Hey there! Dylan Darkblade here.

Seems like you had fun.
I was just wondering if there were any way I could meet up with you? I'm a big fan.


Stingite said...

@Autumn: Hey! Not a bad idea! I'll have to check the date/time on that because for some reason I was thinking I couldn't make it. Let me check again though.

@Alex: Welcome and, yeah, that's part of my thing when I go to tour people's houses. I put on my Santa Suit and say that I'm the evil santa. I'm here to take, not give. Welcome!

@Dylan: Sure! Let's figure out a time, zone, and area and meet up.

There's a couple others that have been wanting to meet me as well. Maybe I should just host a "meet friendly" get together.

Countess Shadowbane said...

Count me in - I need to meet you considering how much I've heard about you from C&C lol! Besides, I need a face to put with the name of anyone else who plays tricks on the little wizards hehe!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Friendly, please go to Central.

~Elijah Stormheart

L. R. Jonté said...

@Autumn: I love this idea!

Anonymous said...

hey friendly, i was wondering, should i make a fire or death wizard? death has lifestealing, but it seems kinda weak, and fire is powerfull, but deosnt have much healing, what do you think?

Stingite said...

Of course I'd say death! Honestly, it's all about play style and what you want to end up doing with your character. Maybe I'll make a post about that later.

Anonymous said...

From, Luke Emeraldrider,
I'd like to add you to my friends list as well.