Friday, June 5, 2009

How do I get to Krokotopia?

Got a question here from a reader!

Question=how do i get to

You get to Krokotopia by finishing all the quests in Wizard City. A good indication that you are close to finishing all the quests is that you have a quest to defeat Lord Nightshade in his tower. After this you will talk to Merle Ambrose who will give you a key to the spiral door for Krokotopia.

You'll find this door inside Bartleby.

In particular, you will find THIS QUEST. Once you get that quest from Merle, you're on your way!

Now, as I have said before, the other way to get to Krokotopia is to make friends with someone who will let you port to them in Krokotopia. Unfortunately you won't be able to do much there. It's best to do the quests.

Happy Dueling!


Matthew Willowblossom said...

Here is the main quest line for Krokotopia (each bullet is a quest) -
In the Pyramid of the Sun:
Digging in the Dirt
Make Some Rubbings
Fragments of a Key
The Final Rubbing
Speak to the Assistant
Find My Colleague
New Digs
Quarter Master
Back to the Archeologist
Assault on the Palace
Gather the Troops
Give 'Em Another Round
Back to Winthrop
Into the Map Room
Permission to Enter
In the Krokosphinx:
Order At Last
The Great General
Minion Massacre
Search for the Seal
General Admission
Coin of Destiny
Lay of the Land
Blades of Ice
Armor Handle
Get Some Bling
Grip It
Forge Key
Taking it to the Tuts
Back Among the Fold
Quest for the Warrior
Mark of the Gladiator
Gladiator Games
Are you Experienced?
Battle of the Sunbird
Along Came A Spider
Enter Sandman
Krokotopia Idol
Who's More Amazing?
The Ultimate Battle
Return to Shalek
Find the Fang
Back to Balance
Gives the following cards
Immolate (fire)
Steal Ward (ice)
Pierce (myth)
Life Blade (life)
Poison (death)
Helping Hands (balance)
Storm Wizards do not get a card from this quest
In the Tomb of Storms
Decipher the Ahnics (There is no prequest to start this quest)
Decipher the Djeserits
The Key to the Temple
Temple Dweller
Gives the following cards
Fire - Choke
Ice - Frostbite
Storm - Cleanse Charm
Myth - Cleanse Ward
Life - Guidance
Death - Beguile
Balance - Hex
Triumphant Return
Missing Souls
After you finish those quests you should be able to begin Sarcophagus Search, the first completely Marleybone Quest.

Once you finish these you should be in Krokotopia. Thanks to the Wikia for this list.

Stingite said...

Matthew, those are the Krokotopia quests that lead to Marleybone.

This fella is asking for transitioning from Wizard City to Krokotopia.

Matthew Willowblossom said...

Whoops sorry lol. And I even typed all that!

Stingite said...

D'oh! Haha. I'm going to make a special post out of this later then!

Matthew Willowblossom said...

Cool thanks!

HK said...

if you want to know what level you have to be to go there dont belive people who say 17 or 18 cuz im level 13 but when i was level 12 i got the key and i havnt even completed cyclops lane firecat alley or colossus blvd

Anonymous said...

Please someone help! I have 7 exalted wizards and I have never had this problem while questing: After I finished the transition quest "Krokotopia" Sergeant Major Tablet did not want to talk to me again to give me the next quest "Digging in the Dirt!" I have no idea what to do as I have scoured the internet for answers and turned up emptyhanded.

Stingite said...

Maybe you have a bug! The best thing to do is contact Customer Support at and they'll be more than happy to get you back on track or at least help you string together where you should go next.