Sunday, June 14, 2009

Housing Item of the Day--Krok Moon Plaque

Hello duelers! So this morning while I was answering the question in the previous post, I had the luck of getting this housing item from Krokhotep himself.

It's the Krok Moon Plaque!

(Whoops. I said tablet in the picture, but I meant plaque. yup.) This goes nicely in my bedroom above one of my sarcophagi.

Happy Dueling!


Alex SandStone said...

Hey Friendly, I can't seem to get to the pets page linked up top. I know it's not my connection, or firewall. It just takes forever to load, and ends up in it unable to go to the page. I hope this isn't just my problem.


John Ice said...

Same here. I can't get to the pets section.

Stingite said...

Thanks guys. I have a temporary fix in until I can get a more permanent solution. So sorry, but for now there are going to be a few pop-ups until I find that more permanent solution.

jesse nightshade said...

nice friendly that you manage to help people I question though do you have any info on the grizleheim test realm I here it would be open tommorow but do you know when are they going to realese grizzlheim yet?

Willie said...

go to