Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wikia Stuff and Housing Item of the Day--Stiped Urn

I'm continuing my quest to fill in information at Wikia. Last night I filled in some more information concerning The Grand Chasm and also completely filled in information about The Grand Chasm Past instance. Yeah, there are some holes in there, but for the most part, no red links . . . yet.

My kids' characters actually broke into Necropolis this morning! Woot! I'm so happy about that. As a reward for completing the One Good Deed quest, Amber and Kyle received a really large Striped Urn.(See how awesome that is to just link to Wikia?)

Of course, some people might be able to get to Blogger, but not to Wikia due to network restrictions and such, so I think it is good that I repost that picture of the striped urn here.

Plus it's tradition now that the Housing Item of the Day have at least two pictures on it . . . and Amber is just cool . . . so . . .

Happy Dueling!

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