Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tons of Exclusives! Mannequins go LIVE tomorrow morning? (Grizzleheim too?!)

Hello all,

Our friend Fernando (Marketing and PR guru at KingsIsle) has been busy handing out some really cool exclusive stuff today. I'd stay tuned to your favorite fan sites for more information unfolding over the next couple of days.

Two exclusives that I noticed off the bat were . . . 1) an exclusive Wizard101 desktop graphic over at West Karana and 2) an exclusive Grizzleheim desktop graphic over at Wizard101 Central. There's also an exclusive interview about crafting over at MMOHub, which even features a picture of Fallon from Diary of a Wizard. (I actually pitched an e-mail interview about crafting with Kingsisle a couple weeks ago, but it didn't work out . . . no biggie though--I have some other good news to share.)

(**Update** The Wikia received a cool Krokotopia wallpaper as well! click here **Update**)

Sooooooooo, it's basically an exclusive fest today for KingsIsle!

And not to be left out, Fernando has a little something for my readers as well. As he said in an e-mail to me:
"... Attached to this email is a unique, exclusive peek at a new feature that will be introduced with our next major build that is scheduled to reach the live game environment tomorrow morning: Mannequins! ..."

So I think I got a two-fer there: Mannequin screenshots, and this little nugget, "our next major build that is scheduled to reach the live game environment tomorrow morning." I don't know about you guys, but I'm reading that as GRIZZLEHEIM GOES LIVE TOMORROW MORNING. How about you guys? Could it be? Tomorrow? Grizzleheim at last?!

Ok, on to the mannequin photos (these are pretty awesome btw):

That first shot there shows the actual crafting of the mannequins. I'm looking at that recipe and just thinking, whoa . . . that looks like one intense ingredient list. Fun!

This second screenshot shows how you choose a hat, robe, and shoes to adorn your mannequin with. This is so awesome. It almost seems like additional storage doesn't it? Plus, you get to show off your favorite gear right there on your mannequin! I wonder if they'll ever add in a weapon slot for mannequins in the future?

This third shot shows how clothes will look on the girl mannequin model. (Notice the cool Celestia gear that everyone loves . . . .)

Here's another girl mannequin photo. IT'S PINK!

And finally, the boy mannequin. It's like owning a little haunted minion from Triton Avenue all to yourself there, isn't it? (Only this haunted minion has bull horns and a fetish for black and blue clothing.)

And that's what they sent me today. :-)

So, this is all fantastic news. Kingsisle keeps instituting game changing, fun things and treating their fan base wonderfully. Thank you so much to the wonderful people over at Kingsisle from all of us. Keep doing an amazing job!

See you all in the newly expanded spiral and HAPPY DUELING!


12th Nightmare said...

This is a bunch of great news, Friendly. Shame I'm not going to be doing a lot of playing over the next few days. lots of cleaning to do.

BTW: I posted a walk through of my new big Marleybone house.

Fallon Shadowblade said...

This is amazing sneak peek stuff! Thanks for the mention :) I don't think I will be getting much sleep tonight in preparation. LOL!

From one necromancer to another,
Fallon Shadowblade

L. R. Jonté said...

WOOT! Awesome news of AWESOMENESS!

Fatal Exception said...

Very nice, as per usual.

Ooh! Idea! Make mannequins a "pet" so you can tout 2 sets of gear at once! Or, maybe not.

Mannequins: your "standby" to appearance slots!

W101 just keeps getting better.

Matthew Willowblossom said...

Hey Friendly,
I got a background for the Wikia from KingsIsle too. Here's the url: http://wizard101.wikia.com/wiki/File:KT_Wallpaper.jpg. Hope you like it

Stingite said...

Cool, Matthew, I've updated the article to include your wallpaper!

Lyssie Silverheart said...

AWSOME Grizzlahem is Live !!!!! FINALY!!!!! I can't wait (for once I am mad about haveing my wind surfing class)

Anonymous said...

The mannequins give you a reason not to sell off your old gear just because you finally got something better. Now you can keep them around to remember how you used to look.

Elijah Stormheart said...

Agh.... Wizard101 isn't loading for me! I keep trying to load it, but it says it has an error! How can I get it to work?!

Heather Thundergem said...

it's doing that to me too elijah try waiting five minutes and going back on

Amber StarGem said...

ugh it loads all the way until the world data after dragonspyre. Then it goes Kuput hope it works soon!

Autumn OG said...

Awesomesauce. Friendly you got tips for the reagents? esspecaily the pearls.