Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Road to Rebirth (and item of the day too!)

Ah, friends. Yesterday was pretty awesome. I took Kyle to a local amusement park for a dad and son day and got completely wiped out. The same thing happened to me a week ago when I took Amber to the amusement park . . . I didn't learn my lesson. Ouch, I'm sore.

However, before and after the amusement park fun, I was (of course) playing wizard101 with Amber and Kyle's characters. I'm very motivated right now to have them complete the game before the new baby comes. You'll be seeing that "2.5 kids" over there in the description rolling to a "3 kids" in about a week.

So, anyway, I have a story from completing the level 48 quests for Kyle and Amber's spells. Collecting Kyle's spell was uneventful. They didn't even make the storm wizards go that deep into the Labyrinth. Amber's spell collection on the other hand. Whew. Now that's tough.

Oh sure, at first you're skipping along and you grab a chunk of bark from Bartleby:

And then it's over to Niles to get some vines:

And finally you run over to Oakheart to get whatever and, if you're like me, suddenly you can't get in his room. It's like you've come up against the great waterslide of Mooshu.

Eventually I cleared up the question mark over my head when I went back to read something I had vaguely remembered Professor Greyrose posting (click!). Yup, I had forgotten to do those Tree of Life quests that you don't have to do to complete the instance. /smacks head.

While I was at it, I picked up this amazingly large torii from finishing that side quest in the Tree of Life. (Yay Item of the Day!)

So, yes, the question mark over my head dissipated and the one over Oakheart's head finally appeared!

Was I done? No. You have to battle The Hoarder and then get all the way back into the back of the Labyrinth (back by the paladin) to find an elite dude and take him down. Sean Emeraldweaver popped in and helped me finish the Labyrinth instance, and then finally, after all of that, Amber Deathsong had her rebirth card and that happy satyr pet, Duke Honey.


Happy Dueling!


Fatal Exception said...

a) Pre-gratz on summoning minion #3
b) Great Waterslide of Moo Shu..OMG, there should be some kind of warning, I nearly spit coffee into my keyboard. Too hilarious!

Anonymous said...

o yeah i finished the quest before i did this.
good thing too
even without the instanced quest it was tough but it was worth it :D

Lyssie Silverheart said...

okay didn't get half of that!!! so storm people have it easy? COOL!!!!! I can be lazy when it comes to tones of work (I still have to wash my dog supposed to have done it a month ago)

Mad Mom said...

I recently finished my level 48 life spell quest as well, ugg, the Labrynth alone wasn't very fun and now I get to do it again to get my obsidian chest, not to thrilled about that.

Anonymous said...

I did all the Mossback and Wavebringer quests but it still won't let me talk to Oakheart.....