Friday, June 19, 2009

Grizzleheim -- my first hour (a bit of a spoiler)

Hey all . . . here's a little spoiler video for those that haven't been on the test realm yet to run around. :-) Don't watch this if you want to experience the first stuff all for yourself.

I'm so excited about all this stuff! Sorry the audio is a little low.

Happy Dueling!


Alex SandStone said...

Well, the barter sort of system kind of let me down. I expected many of the Malistaire robes to be there, but they can't be put up there. Along with all the best school gear for each world.

-Alex SandStone

Fatal Exception said...

Looking good!

Kevin Wildflame said...

Noooooo! I lost all my items on the test realm! All i have is noob clothes and I got rolled back to level 36! I just became 40 on live realm :(

Anonymous said...

Just so you now: Amber de friended me so if you get a chance, please un ingnore me and set me as a friend next time you get a chance.

Stingite said...

@Alex: yeah that is too bad. I still need to really look at the bazaar system. It sounds like really it's just a vendor with a better buying price, and a seller of higher priced rare goods that other people have just happened to plunk in there. It's like a control on setting fair prices. I still need to look at it.

@Autumn: thank you!!!

@Kevin: weird! At least it didn't happen on your live character. LOL. Now that would be awful.

@Sean: Kids! LOL. Whatchagonnado.

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