Friday, October 2, 2009

Bailey's screenshots from the Test Realm

Well as soon as I found out the test realm was up again, I called my dear wife who was extremely anxious to see what was what on the test realm. She logged in, and let me tell you, it was torture for me. She's giggling and laughing the whole time while I'm on the phone with her from work. "Look at that guy! He's flying! on a dragon!" UGG! I was so close to leaving work early just so I could see what all the fun was about.

She rented a dragon mount and kyle bought a permanent broom mount. btw, it's very cool that they give you some crowns to play around with on the test realm.

So, while she was online she snapped these photos for you all.

You should all know that the prices for mounts are much more reasonable than what I posted in that guesstimate thread, AND you can buy them for gold as well as crowns . . . it's 90,000 gold (or 15,000 crowns) for the best of the best permanent mounts at this point; however, you can get a more reasonably priced permanent mount for much less.

You have to see this new crown shop screen.

Very cartoonish! I like the bright colors on this.

Zeke really serves no purpose now other than to help with quests and to sell rental mounts. You can access that shop at anytime by clicking the crown button in the top left of the screen.

The illusion potions are fun as well. Check out Bailey disguised as a gobbler. Awesome to be a gobbler fighting other gobblers. ;-)

There was also a line of people standing outside the new tower instance in Colossus Boulevard. Most were just wondering how to get inside. hehe. (This is the instance that's supposed to be harder than hard for level 50 only.)

I have to say that this upgrade to the game feels like a gift to me personally. I've ranted before about where's the kid in being a kid at wizard school. Well, this is a giant leap in satisfying that wish for all Wizard101 fans.

I guess all I have to say is just . . . thanks KI! This is a great update to the game. I appreciate all you do!

Happy Dueling!


The Ravenhunter said...

I REALLY wish that I could get into the Test Realm. It looks SO fun!

witchwarrior said...

So awesome!!
I wanna broom so bad!!

Anonymous said...

lol nice pictures have you tried out the real astate agent thing? its so funny

Lyssie Silverheart said...

but they removed good crown gear from the game I really don't think thats fair I was looking for some dragonspyre crown gear for my storm. I mean some of that stuff is a absalute pain to farm for and people really do benafit from it! sigh oh well I'm gonna email them about it.

mcpickle47 said...

90,000!? thats crazy!!!! i only have 15k, then again im a non member and im level 42

Cheats and Crackers said...

Yup, so much fun Friendly! I tried out that tower last night. The moment we were going to kill the boss he uses a 100,000 damage meteor strike on us! That's so insane it's not even funny. At least it's optional, so we won't be getting so many complaints.

Jessica said...

That is SO cool!
Or should I say AWESOME?
Wow, there's a new instance? I guess october brings [new] awesome things!

jesse ^_^ said...

I want to get tiger. ilove the cats I am not really feeling the dragons and brooms and the horses a little only.

Anonymous said...

i was hopin they wouldnt cost to much :D

Iridian said...

@Cheats&Crackers: Try a fire shield and a tower shield and any other fire shields, such as thermic, volcanic, and elemental,and the treasure cards of those.

Stingite said...

really the trick to avoiding the damage is to take out the minion he summons before the minion counts up to four pips. If you take him out then, no mega meteor.