Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Black Stallion Mount is so Death School

Check out this cool graphic that Sorion Hex made for me!

Very cool.

Thanks for the gift! You know it seems like a lot of death students are going to be opting for the Black Stallion as their mount of choice. Here I am trying to recreate the pose for Sorion's gift. ;p

You'll also notice that I'm wearing a new outfit thanks to the stitch feature. Now I can finally wear that outfit I talked about all the way back here.

Thanks again, Sorion!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

friendly I have a question off topic here is it true that you must have mozilla fire fox in order to play wizard 101?

Anonymous said...

I had the game wizard 101 in my old computer but it broe so I wanted to dowload it again in my new conmputer when I did it would not let me in I did everything what it ask me and then it told me to wait 3 to 5 minutes then at the end it said it would not let me in because 3d x something error I later find out many people had this problem. when I first downloaded wizard 101 in my old computer I did had fire fox and nothing wrong happend but when I downloaded it to my new computer I did not have fire fox and it did not let me get that's all I am saying.

Sam W. said...


NO YOU DONT! Just need internet connection.

Elijah Stormheart said...

Sorry I went on you this morning, Friendly! My connection went down, and I had to go. Wanna farm Ravens sometime?

witchwarrior said...

Nice ride!!
Make way for the new dark night!

Stingite said...

Here's the minimum requirements for running Wizard101:


It sounds like a video card problem to me. Try updating your drivers.

SorionHex said...

Yw Friendly ^_^ And mate you don't need Firefox, you just need the basic min requirements a mate before me posted =P As for the horse on the shield Friendly's smart, that is an actual silhouette of a Black Stallion from Wizard 101 =P Maybe I should have put a silhouette of Friendly on it's back - thought process -

Elijah Stormheart said...

I kinda don't like your new outfit, though, lol. Your DS armor is much better looking in my opinion. xD