Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How do I restore accidentally deleted characters?

Well it appears my previous post has spawned another question!
"Hi friendly! I saw in the post about new wizards that KI support can restore characters to your account. Is there any way I can have them do that without CALLING support? I deleted a wizard and it was a huge mistake. Thanks and have a great day!!!"

The answer is, yes! In fact, I've had to do this twice now . . . so I'm kind of an expert, yo. You see, my son Kyle has deleted my character twice. This was before the addition of the "Abracadabra" control that they implemented. You used to just have to click delete and another button to say you were sure. WAAAAYYY too easy.

Anyway, here's what you do: You go to Wizard101.com and login to your account. Then click on the support tab, at the bottom of the page you'll see this:

You click on that little graphic and it brings up the commonly asked questions tab. Click the "contact us" tab right next to it.

For character restoration questions, select the gameplay category and the character or item loss sub-category. Finally, type your request out and be sure to include your character name, the date they last were in the game, and your account name couldn't hurt; although, I do believe since you're logged in, there's really no need to (but the more information you can give them the better).

(I suggest you not be as self-depreciating as me.) After a while you'll get a response back over email (the e-mail you registered your account with), and they'll ask you further questions if needed.

Honestly, KI has a great support staff. Both times I've worked with them, they took really good care of me.

Hope that helps!

Happy Dueling!


Jessica said...

HA HA HA! That really cracks me up.

jesse ^_^ said...

oh friendly I have a small question about the accidently deleting character thing when KI restores your character back do you still have all your items back including pets etc?

Through the Spiral Gate said...

Lol I wonder what they would say to a message like that!

witchwarrior said...

Thx for the help.
p.s. ROFL Funny explanation of deletion!

Anonymous said...

I'm the mystery player that you seek. I'm not seen by many so please don't have a shriek if I disappear. To find me my hide-out for this month is a tower that brings the earth to it's knees with violent weather and hurricanes. I wear a blood bat and its name is (LORD MIDNIGHT).

Professor Greyrose said...

We have put safeguards in place so that this doesn't happen.

In order to delete your Wizard, you have to:
- select the Wizard to have it standing up at the front of the screen
- click DELETE
- then you were shown a screen with the Wizard's Name to confirm that's the one you wanted to delete,
- type a long word into a field and clicked DELETE.

If someone else logged in to your account and deleted the Wizard, you need to change your password. Remember, exchange of usernames or passwords is a bannable offense.

If you managed to make it through all those steps and still deleted the character 'accidentally', the sooner you contact Mr Lincoln at support@wizard101 with a polite request to restore the character, the better chance you have of actually getting that character back.

Al Fonzo said...

happylittlepunk: It does give you back all your things. My friend Vannessa Sunrider accidently deleted her before the abracadabra system. (I think they put it on after that inciddent) And she tried making new people on our account and finally she got her person back and is the grandmaster on our account today.

Iridian said...

"PS I'm hungry?" LoL That's kinda funny.

jesse ^_^ said...

oh thank you amber stargem for the info.

EskiMo said...

I was wondering how long does it take for your account restoration and if there are any missing items or friends or pets or w.e cause my brother deleted my character about a week after pigswick acedemy was released into the test realm so I quit and now its Dec 10,2011 and I was wondering if its even possible to recover

EskiMo said...

My brother deleted my character about a week pigswick academy was released into the test realm and I quit cause I didnt know it could be restored and I didnt wanna go through all that again but then I found out it was possible but Its Dec.10 2011 now so thats a few months intervals so I was wondering if its still possible to recover and if there will be any problems with my account such as friend loss item loss gold loss w.e

EskiMo said...
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Stingite said...

@Eskimo: I'm told by KingsIsle that 10 days is the timeline for restoring a deleted character. :/

Unknown said...

I hope it works as a hacker got into my account and deleted my max fire so i've sent a ticket and im going to go home and check it, give me good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you made this post. It's been a year since I deleted my 46 level character (on Pirate101) and I absolutely regret it. I did the same as this post. I hope I still can recover it... :(