Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 1 of the New "Mounts" Patch: some intesting notes

Hello all,

I've been having some fun here today running around on the live realm in between picking my son up from school, doing dishes, and tending to my Halloween light show.

First thing of note is, my good buddy MeCatz told me to port to her because she was standing in front of somebody special. I promptly ported to Ms. MeCatz because when the guru of Wizened Wizard says jump, you say . . . YES MAAM HOW HIGH AND CAN I BRING A CLOUD DOWN FOR YOU?

So, this lead to me meeting the infamous Samantha from Kingsisle Support (notice the badge).

Wow! So I introduced myself and made a spot on my friends list hoping to get an invite. She had her friend requests turned off, but to my surprise, she friend added *me.* yay! So we got to chatting back channel and, yup, I know who it is. I've even emailed this person at KI before, so it was very awesome. I wouldn't dare give away the secret identity of Samantha, but this person is really nice and really concerned about your experience in the game. Samantha's eyes were happily watching all the wizards using the transformation potions. I told Samantha that I was so happy with this patch because it really did feel like "the kid" had been put into the experience of being a kid at wizard school. Samantha also told me that this patch has been a lot of fun for the staff at Kingsisle to implement.

Later in the day I logged on and once again MeCatz sent me a tell and said MR. LIONBLOOD HUP TWO AND GET YE HENCE TO THE BRISKBREEZE TOWER! So, of course, I jumped and grabbed the quest. We then took some time with my new friend Allen to work through the tower.

(click to enlarge)

We managed to save Mr. Culpepper without much hassle at all, and we all got our decks and we all got our rings. And it definitely sounds like new trouble is brewing out of Krokotopia! All good stuff.

Well, good stuff, except for a little teeny weeny problem with the myth ring that Allen received. What we discovered on the myth ring was this little bug.

(click to enlarge)

Yikes! You know that will be fixed sometime in the near future.

More to come! I hope you all are enjoying yourselves!



Amber StarGem said...

ooh cool!

The Ravenhunter said...

Way cool badge. KingsIsle Support? AWESOME!

jesse ^_^ said...

hehe I loved the mounts there so cool to watch and I hope they add new mounts in the future IDK why but I want a bear like grizzly bear or polar bear.

Anonymous said...

LOL, the ring is very cool :P It reminds me of a grandmaster robe (myth I think) that gave about 50 health... and thats it. Well you are lucky you met Samantha I heard she likes to show off unreleased pets and gear.

Anonymous said...

Lol! it's called the philosophers stone! Just in case you guys dunno, that's the name of the first harry potter book in every country except the US

Anonymous said...