Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Spell Phone and Comic Mischief in Wizard101

So, I've been thinking about this game for a long time now. It's something I've mentioned in a few posts, during interviews, and on a couple of threads. You might call it The Friendly Necromancer Rant (tm). Maybe similar to the rants from Tipa concerning appearance slots. We're bloggers, the blogger rant is practically a requirement for owning a blog, right? right.

So, from day, oh 12 or so, I've had in the back of my mind that this game really needs more comic mischief. Comic mischief you ask? Are you talking about anvils on the head, Friendly?

*turns off lights*

To explain I must take you back to the days . . . the days before Wizard101 . . . yes, it is dark and scary here.

*turns on lights and you find yourself staring at a magic video of a family playing together on a computer*

You see, we used to play on this site called Trollz. Oh look! It's still there on the Internet, glowing and shimmering. Sure, we played all the other sites too, like and and and poptropica and neopets and club penguin and blah blah blah. Why? Because that's what we computer-inclined parents do. We find the cool kid websites and end up playing the games while our little kids giggle and clap their hands with delight. I digress.

So, you see, Trollz had (or has) this really cool feature called the spell phone (get it?! cellphone? spell phone? . . . it's so Piers Anthony). Anyway, as you made friends on Trollz you could add people to a friends list (as per standard) and use your spell phone to interact with them.

You can find your spell phone on the bottom left hand of the screen.

When you click on that you get this interface here:

Now, if you look at that interface and read on the left hand side, you'll see a description of exactly what you can do with your spell phone. And I quote, " . . . and best of all, cast spells . . . "

The spells you can cast with your spell phone can do a number of things to yourself and your friends. You can spend money to affix things like a bird beak on your friends. You can give them zits. You can give them a cool glowing aura. You can do ALL KINDS of things to your friends, including spend money on a counter spell to return your character to normal. THIS, this is the kind of comic mischief I would love to see in Wizard101.

I mean, look at the Weasley brothers in Harry Potter.

These guys had TONS of wizard tricks up their sleeves, right? This is missing in our Wizard101 world. Sure we have pets and cast cool battle animations, but where are the random fireworks, the magic tricks being cast on friends--you know, the kid in all the kids at wizard school?

You know, that spell phone has some other really cool features too if you look at it the tabs on the right hand side of that last graphic. Mail, music, photos, etc. Imagine being able to unlock a new remix of music for your spell phone from yours truly through a small crowns purchase in game? What if you could click through a bunch of old screenshots in game and send your favorite to a friend through your phone to theirs? There's a lot of cool potential there.

Comic mischief . . . Kingsisle . . . take a look at it.

I'm The Friendly Necromancer, and this is my rant.

Happy Dueling!


Autumn Duskhunter said...


Many of your posts have been "better than good", but this post is EPIC! It has been a while since I was so utterly drawn in. As always, I bow to your blogging eminence!

Rock on!

(Oh, and I agree, lol)

Silverheart said...


Anonymous said...

Came up with idea for KI: notebook

___Note to self: farm kraysys. talk to friends. Grandmaster gear is from...______________________________________________________________________________________________

Just notes put in your book.

L. R. Jonté said...

I wholeheartedly endorse this product and/or service! :D

Kevin wildflame said...

I tried that game when i got really bored of w101.... So confusing yet shiny.

Jessica said...

That would be great
Really cool
I'll bee first in front of the spellphone vendor!

Anonymous said...

PETITION (friendly can you post this?) KingIsle should give make up pets to those whom originally had death scarabs.