Saturday, October 10, 2009

Should badges mean something more?

By now I’m sure you guys are all very familiar with the many badges that Wizard101 offers us. If not, you should go check out this list at Warcry.

I was working a bit on my undead slayer badge this weekend, and I'm about 700 kills away still. That's a lot of ghosts on Unicorn Way fyi.

I’ve been thinking a bit about the badge system. You know, it’s really too bad that more rewards aren’t tacked on to this system to really give you an incentive to earn the badges. All you really get in this game is a title that slips under your name. Personally, I think we should get some extra badges for extraordinary accomplishments (along the 2,000 undead kill lines), and that those should come along with a reward attached with it.

Let me give you an example of how this might work in another game. In Lord of the Rings Online, if you kill x amount of monsters, then you get a small boost to a particular stat. It wasn’t much of a boost, but it was a little bit extra. People loved that because it would basically show that their character was as good as they could get it . . . even if it meant killing 500 centipedes to get it.

I mean really . . . kill 2,000 undead is a huge time sink. I don’t think many people have completed that badge. What if after finishing that last undead badge, you earned a special pet for your accomplishment? How cool would that be? Even further, what if you got a pack of eye of bartleby trading cards for every 500 undead you killed? Now there's some motivation, right?

In a recent interview, I saw Todd Coleman complain (or "strongly assert" if that makes it more palatable) that it’s hard for their team to satisfy the wants of players for new content (I can't find the link right now, but TRUST me . . . I know I read it). It seems to me that there could be a lot of motivation for players to earn rewards in what could be the biggest grind of the game available: earning all your badges. I mean, who in their right mind really wants to earn all their badges? As it is now, badges are kind of that byline under your name that no one really looks at.

If there were better rewards attached to the badges, I think you’d see players working a lot harder to earn them, and it'd buy them some more time while all of the grandmaster crowd anxiously awaits the release of new content (like Celestia).





JediKnightOmnipower said...

I Know what you mean i have a ton of spaces i dont really care about so badges really dont mean anything to me if they did have mean something else i be the first one to have them all

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Anonymous said...

I do think they should have so kinda extra power, clothing, ect. I have worked so long on all of them, something would be nice.

~~Also who in their right mind really wants to earn all their badges?
Answer: LOL ME! I have all the known badges finished, some are not showing up, because I guess there Bugged.

The Ravenhunter said...

What if we got a pet of the creature we defeated and it came with a card or, for example, 50+ Health and 1 Kraken card. It's just an idea. And to all the Kraken in Triton Avenue farmers get a badge for defeating him, say, 50+ times? "Kraken Master" would be him 1,000+ times. I want to get a badge for trying to level up so many times!

Jessica said...

Uh-huh. When I earn badges, I'm like, hey, that's just a weird title under my name. Nothing more. Let's just get the feeling over with and keep my adept pyromancer's badge. That's not how kingsisle wants us to feel, right?

john dreamwalker said...

i think the best and easiest for KI to impliment would be little stat boost for that particular badge. like for the undead badges a small boost to your death resistance for each badge, and then for the badges for defeating a particular bad guy, increase in attack for the school he belongs to.

The Overachieving Necromancer said...

I just recently got the Undead Slayer badge, I find that after all my hard work, nobody is so happy for me (lol) the point is, a prize for each badge you get (gold, treasure cards,pet, etc.) Also, Check out my blog on!

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jesse ^_^ said...

in my opinion I think if thier a badge out there for example I don't know maybe if you beat like 500 ninja pigs you get to a new spell card which is a ninja pig hehe wow you manage to earn a ninja pig spell card that become very handy for myth wizard right. it could be called ninja pig conjurer or ninja pig hunter or myth hunter hehe something like that. i really want the ninja pig treasure card to be a real spell card.

Lyssie Silverheart said...

I know what you mean today I was working on earning my first ninja pig badge (I do not know yet what it is) I'm down to the last 10 but the only reason I'm working on this is because I had nothing eleas to do. there is no real drive to earn them.

The Infamous Super Death Wizard said...

Kind of like Toontown where the more activities you max out, the more higher the laff point limit number you have is, until you get to the current maximum of 137.

Embyr said...

I think that badges definitely should have some sort of prize attached to them.