Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stuff ...

Once again I find myself at Chuck E Cheese ... How does this happen?

*whips out the iphone*

Wave hello to the random people at Chuck E Cheese, everyone!

So what I wanted to say was that I went on the test realm this morning. Joseph from Evil Theurgists was there and he ported to me while I was doing the new instance tower. It was pretty cool. He talks about that here. So, you have to go to olde town to start the quest to go to the tower. This leads you to colossus boulevard and into a tower.

Sec... Kyle needs tokens *grabs tokens from pocket*

Anyway, we beat the scarecrow at the top a couple of times since he just respawned. It appears he drops the second best decks in the game. Not bad. Then, one of our team left us, and we decided to try out a henchman. That didn't go well. The 50th balance wizard minion blew our feint trap and then the boss suddenly decided to throw a meteor for 10k hitpoints on each of us. We never did finish our quest there ... We were under the impression that maybe if we could kill this boss in three rounds before he summoned a minion (ala the old jade ONI tough version) that we would be able to progress further in the tower.

Sec... French fries are here. Ouch! Too hot! They need to cool.

So I'm starting to think that Thomas LIONBLOOD needs a lion mount. Seems fitting. I dig the broom for Kyle. I think Amber is more of a pony or pink dragon type of a gal. Bailey ... As long as she keeps playing by my side, she can have whatever mount she desires. Go WIFE!

Oh! Also, thanks to whoever gave me that tip about the real estate agent tours! Those are awesome! It must have been fun coming up with the dialog for those. Hehe. Joe showed me how to go on the tour. You go to your turtle merchant of choice, click on the house you want to tour, and then click the new tour button. Fun!

So I'm gonna track down Kyle now and play a wicked game of skeeball.

btw . . . whoever invented this ride, was absolutely insane.

Seagull and frog with bike and mushrooms? INSANITY!

Happy dueling!


Rowan Ironblood said...

sadly my little bro is having his b day and i was invited he'll just go around with his little friends and do whatever boys do.

JGoof said...

Ah... That's what a Chuck E Cheese looks like... Looks like a strange place. Oo

We don't have that in my corner of the planet.

Anonymous said...

what has the world come too!

JediRex said...

I wish I could enjoy it as you do :( Mine wont load mine and other wizards clothes and such. Well it was still fun!

jesse ^_^ said...

omg it's the place that shall not be name sadly my little brother and sister love that place I am annoyed by it since well we are very family oriented. anyway enough of that nice post again friendly amd I can't wait tell this goes live. I myself really want a cat.

Anonymous said...

some of the henchmen aren't bad- the storm grandmaster pulled out a bladed stormzilla. I bet the life one is useful too....pretty good deal for about 20 gold :)