Sunday, October 25, 2009

Farmable/Odd Damage-Based Treasure Cards

Hello readers,

There's a group of Treasure cards out there that drop from monsters or bosses that are kind of rare or unusual. It's hard what to call this group of cards for me. I guess "Farmable" Damage-Based Treasure Cards would probably be the most correct title that I could peg to it, but they are not only farmable, they are odd as well . . . more odd than your standard odd transmutation.

These cards usually cast from a school of magic, but they aren't found in the school's standard learnable spells. Here's the list of them:

- Ghost Touch (You can really only get these in one place, Unicorn Way's Ghosts . . . nothing better than killing a ghost with a ghost)

- Naturewalker (Only seems to drop from Ironsplinter--it's a 6 pip life card)

- Krokotillian (Balance damage in the form or a Krok blast--farmable from Krok models)

- Krokomummy (Fire-based damage that features spinning bandages of death--farmable from krokomummy models)

- Ninja Pig (The favorite of all myth wizards, myth-based damage that is just pure awesomeness--only available from ninja pigs in mooshu)

- The Bonekeeper (Possibly the most rare of them all, it comes from the bonekeeper mob, an out of the way ghoul boss in Krokotopia)

- Black Cat (This is available only at Halloween time and is a death based transmutation of the firecat for the most part--I only include it because you can get a lot from a one-time only quest. It's not hard to get a bunch of these with your lower level alts or buy them on the bazaar)

- Harvest Lord (Only comes from the Harvest Lord on Triton Ave--Fire damage from a scarecrow? I love the way this guy spits out blue light from his pumpkin head and chucks it at the mob)

- Lord Nightshade (Only comes from Lord Nightshade in Wizard City--2 pip wraith model that's sure to thrill the kiddies on Unicorn Way)

So I went to Dragonspyre with Amber and just had a blast throwing these cards out. I tried filming them with the Xfire program that I downloaded last week, and it worked pretty good actually. There's more to Xfire than I knew!

Anyway, enjoy this latest video! It was fun making it last night!

Happy Dueling!

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