Saturday, September 19, 2009

How much will mounts cost?

Got a question from an anonymous poster on the mounts thread below that I thought might be good to pull out here and see if we can get some good guesses . . .
Any idea on the cost of [the mounts]? or the number of crowns?

It's a very good question; however, I don't think anyone is going to have a good answer at this time. It's too soon, and I know that things get changed around in the test realm a lot too based on user feedback and opinions.

BUT, what we can do is look at the cost of current speed boost items.


so right now you're looking at paying around $5 real money to buy an 8% speed boost. Horses, and the permanent kind, are going to be five times that. Simple math says 5x5 = $25 real money.

However these things are never simple math, right? I mean, when you go to the movie theaters, they usually jack up the price of the small drink and then make it 50 cents more for a medium drink and 75 cents more for a large drink. Then you think, oh yeah, well I might as well get a large drink since it's only 75 cents more than a small and only a quarter more than the medium drink, right?

So it's entirely possible that the "rule of theater drinks" may apply.

We have three choices we know of for a surety:

- 1 day trial mount 20% speed boost
- 7 day trial mount 40% speed boost
- permanent mount 40% speed boost

How much would you spend for a PERMANENT speed boost to your character that you don't have to switch in and out of your inventory like boots. AND . . . it's unsure at this time if there will be other options as well like ability to avoid combat while on a mount, which would be another plus.

How much would you spend in real money for that?

It's hard to say . . . here's what I would guess:

- For 1 day--25000 in game gold or 2000 crowns with the option to put that towards my purchase of a permanent mount
- For 7 day--50000 in game gold or 10000 crowns with the option to put that towards my purchase of a permanent mount
- For permanent--20000 crowns?

Opinions? Too high or too low of a guess?

Of course at this time it's all conjecture . . . um . . . *opens can of worms*

Happy Dueling!


Elijah Stormheart said...

I'd think too costly. They'd be impossible to get if they were priced as that. I:

Jessica said...

AWWW! That's waay too expensive. 10,000 crowns for a week? That's pretty much ridiculous. No one's going to buy it. The only people that could buy it are grandmasters or masters, and people who have a lot of crowns. If kingsisle keeps it like that, no one will buy it, and they wouldn't earn anything from the expansion. One would have to spend a month trying to get them. Even if they already had a lot of money. It's much more than a house, which was their last 'item' expansion, and I think the houses are cooler. Of course, mounts are cool too, and you can take them with you. But, I just think they're too expensive, and ordinary people wouldn't buy them. Or rent them. Besides, with houses, you don't need crowns. Of course, they said you could buy them with crowns, which is fine. But the amounts are what are ridiculous. This may just be your estimate, but I think the costs are going to be close to that. They could lower the costs about 25% and I would be happy. I wouldn't be able to afford one, but I know some will. They just need to know how to be able to buy one (permanently). Again, just a guess, but yes, the real figures may go up to 5 or even 6 [in in-game gold for permanent] digits.

That's a looong comment! I hope that didn't confuse you or anything, because I just wasted a lot of your time!

stingite said...

LOL . . . don't get too worked up about my guesses.


Anonymous said...

I think its WAAAAY to high it would be a waste of time to make the mounts if it was priced that high. No one would spent that much money for a mount on a computer game and ps now i think i understand the fountain now thx

alliyah said...

Okay, that is NOT too expensive.

I'm so wacko! That is WAY too much.

It should be somewhere around, like 8,000 gold for permanent. For a day or week it should be about 5,000.

That guess was WAY off. :(

Alia L. Adept Thuergist I LOVE UNICORNS!!!

witchwarrior said...

if you probably can't turn off a permanent mount, YOU'LL BE STUCK ON IT FOREVER?!
I'm a little unsured about the permanent

Cheats and Crackers said...

@ Witchwarrior: By permanent I think they mean it will stay in your backpack forever, being able to be unequipped/equipped.

@Friendly's post: Yup, I'm really pretty sure that they're gonna be costly, around 50,000 for permanent and so on. Housing costed a lot, and this is like housing's worth x20, so yeah, it's gonna be around the cost of the most expensive Dragonspyre castle.

@Jessica: Look at housing, they didn't lower the prices on it and everyone's been happy so far. Although Kingsisle is receiving money from us, think about what it takes to actually design mounts and such. It's only fair that we pay fair virtual gold in return for their real money being spent to design this game. I'm pretty sure this will turn out just fine, and if it's like that, I'm happy with it, no arguments coming from me. I say that you work for what you want, and if they put it like this, it's teaching good moral.

Anonymous said...

As long as you can buy them permanent with gold I am happy lol no matter the price.

P.S. its not that hard to save up a lot of money

Jessica said...

I agree with alliya, as in the price. You see, 2000 crowns for a day, is way too much. 1500, 1000 crowns, is more resonable. Yes, C&C, it is good moral, but I'd say that they lower crown prices. If you wanted to finish dragonspyere or something, and you had 20,000 crowns, you might be tempted and spend all of your money on a mount. I have thought about this, and mounts are great and you can move faster with them, but sheeshness, why so much? Anyways, we're just making a big fuss about PREDICTIONS. Stingite's predictions. Is he good at math? Oh well, I'll just stick with walking.

Anonymous said...

where is the mount shop i want a mount

frost giant said...

i think the price is WAY TO HIGH I MEAN look at the non members they can almost never could afford that price.I RATHER WALK!than pay that much gold. so i think they should lower the price for us seperaate price members non members

Nicole Swiftdreamer said...

hey Friendly. i know this post is over half a year old by now, but the way i have been reading your posts, i started from the first one EVER about a month ago and i'm slowly working my way to catching up with your more updated posts. anyway, if anyone is still wondering by now, the cooler the mount looks, the more it costs. i am unsure how much a 1-day costs, but i know that permanent ranges from about 7,000 to 15,000 crowns. and i know the mounts that cost 15,000 crowns cost 90,000 gold. this is pretty pricey considering, if you save up most of your gold like i did, you wont have that kind of money until you are around lvl 40 or higher. and i know the cheapest 7-day is 10,000 gold. so if you think about it, you could spend TIME to pay for the mount with gold, or you could spend REAL MONEY to buy your mount with crowns, just remember to be patient about these sort of things.