Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oh yeah . . . RAVENSCAR DONE!

yeah. I decided to get crazy with the cutouts on this poster. That took entirely too long to do.

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Anyway, so yup, I finished Ravenscar a few days ago, and I've just been too busy to write about it. Grizzleheim was an interesting experience for me.

At first I jumped on the test realm and tried to speed information so FAST out to my readers. It was like there was SUCH an urgency for me to report on the new awesomeness that was Grizzleheim.

You may remember this video.

Then I suddenly stopped dead cold in my tracks. All I wanted to do at that point was record some music from Grizzleheim and make a remix. So that's what I did, I stopped right there and made this remix.

I talked to my friend Caleb and he wanted to work on Grizzleheim a bit with me, so I brought out Kyle and myself and we worked through one world of Grizzleheim together. And then that was it. Caleb beat the game and hasn't played much since, and that's ok. Grinding for gear after beating a game or doing pvp until the next expansion comes out isn't really his thing. I digress.

Then there was a huge gap in time when I was just leveling the kids' characters to Grandmaster and playing Molly with Bailey.

Then I decided last week to just FINISH IT! Mounts are coming out, and well, the Raven$$ are going to be a HUGE hotspot for farming up money. It's going to be the place to be I think. That and the new tower instance for sure.

My impressions of Grizzleheim . . . Kingsisle improved their game a bit here. You have more awesome battle animations, more interesting pathing, more dangerous mobs, more spectacular boss battles, more interesting zone layouts. I just think these zones feel less "square" than the other zones, you know? I think they did a good job with how the zones ebb and flow together.

What were your impressions of Grizzleheim?

If they make the next world even better than Grizzleheim, then we are in for some amazing stuff here in the future.

My only complaint . . . it went too fast. I think that was everyone's complaint. I don't know if it's the teleporters or the amount of side quests, but it just seemed like it went too fast. Well, I'm going to be able to experience it again and again as I keep bringing my other characters through. Maybe sometime in the future I'll have more insights into Grizzleheim. As for Thomas, fork him . . . he's done!

One thing that I've been remiss on . . . grizzleheim housing items. You may see more stuff about that crop up here in the future.

Happy Dueling!


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smvb said...

There was an interesting section in the postmortem article to which KI posted a link. It talked about how reusing bits of road made the areas feel all the same, even though they dressed them up differently. With Grizzleheim, they designed the areas individually without so much re-use, and it really shows. As you say, it feels less "square." I think that Grizzleheim is my favorite world so far, and I like it even better while doing it with an up-and-coming character (I did it first with my grandmaster) -- gives you more of a reason to level up. It also makes it feel like it takes longer to get through if you don't do it all at once.

jesse ^_^ said...

awesome you did it to ravenscar friendly I have one question did manage to get your school robe it has pertty good stat and it looks pertty cool.

witchwarrior said...

Finished on my b-day?