Friday, October 30, 2009

Are there maps with the locations of the teleport stones?

Hello readers. I have a question from Sierra Starsong:
Hey Friendly, it's Sierra Starsong again. Do you know if anyone's mapped out all the Teleport Stones yet? I always have trouble remembering which colored stone goes to which location.

As far as I know there is only one thread over on central that attempts this. This only has 3 Marleybone maps currently.

There's another interesting thread over there as well that requests KI give us the ability to mark our own maps! Now that would be awesome. They used to have a "cartography" feature in Everquest that allowed you to make your own maps as well. What ended up happening was one guy made awesome maps and everyone just downloaded those to their hard drives.

Cartma on that thread basically proposes that same functionality:

"The ability to notate positions on your own map would be a great addition. Things I would mark:

- reagent locations
- teleport stone locations
- boss locations (since some bosses disappear off the map after the quest is done)
- those darn smoke stacks in Katz lab
- Zeke quests (smiths, beetles, etc.)

A client side xml file would be great, because then, you can share it with others."

I wouldn't mind having maps with all those marked!

Thanks for the question.

Happy Dueling!


Taji34 said...

I would love that! that would be awesome! Are you going to be on later today? PM me on central when you can.

Rogan Strongbreeze said...

Hi friendly, this has nothing to do with this but i saw this guy who kept on lying and cheating and i got mad at him(oh yea and i faced him in arena)he kept on saying he was from kingsisle and he was gonna ban my acount.but how do i know if he is telling the truth or lying?
(which i'm pretty sure he lied)

Taji34 said...

here is how.
1. if they are rude they are not from kingsisle
2. if they are rude report them
3. kingsisle staff where the kinsisle support staff badge if he did not have this he was not from kingsisle.
the person was not from kingsisle

Rogan Strongbreeze said...

yea my friend told me that but i just wanted to be extra sure

Rogan Strongbreeze said...

And thanks

Stingite said...

If they have the badge "Kingsisle Support," then there's a good chance they are from Kingsisle. If they aren't showing that badge, then don't believe them. But, like Taji said, they'd never be rude or anything like that. This was just some guy trying to get to you. Really horrible that happened to you. :(

Rogan Strongbreeze said...

Thx for all the info Taji34 and Friendly :)