Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lady Dexter--Episode 4

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Gasp! Heck hath no fury than a ninja pig scorned! Watch out Amber!


Happy Dueling!


JohnIceBlade said...

Lolz, yout daughter better watch out for crispy-sneaky-demon-piggies!
Anyway, i am mad lately, I have a friend in game who i had for a year, and now he is dating in it, and I thought he wasnt the date people in-game kinda guy, I have lost 8 friends, Because here,
A girl named Miranda wInterheart married Alexadner NigthShade in game, than She dated Samuel WaterCaster ( Was best friend for a year) than they broke up now she is dating Blaze mistshard ( A friend, but not for a year) yeah that was a random and long post.

BlazeDreamCoin said...

I'm a necromancer that wears a black and white Martreys Hat, vestment of adverse, martreys boots, and a blood bat.I teleport most of the time.

darrel said...

I feel sorry for Lady Dexter. Lol, you're so evil, Thomas. *Shakes head*

Level 27 Theurgist
Jason Rider (W101 Central)

jesse ^_^ said...

wow the ninja pig looks so cool with all the fire hehe.

Unknown said...

i am a very big fan on wizard 101 and i am not subscribed so it is hard to get to other worlds.