Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FW: Interview: Appealing to the Hardcore Gamer?

This just came across the wire from Professor Greyrose:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s Garrett Fuller spoke with Randall Lekan of The Syndicate, a hardcore MMORPG guild, to find out what appeal Wizard 101 could have for a player more familiar with a more hardcore style.
Wizard 101 has been planned out as a kid's game. How did hardcore MMO players like you get involved?

Randall Lekan:
Kingsisle approached Dragons, the Guild Master of The Syndicate, and offered to allow us to join the BETA. Initially I tried it out and liked it enough to add my children's accounts. At the time we were playing Toontown but my boys had lost interest so we were not playing as much. By the end of the BETA we were hooked and subscribed when the game went retail.

Read "Appealing to the Hardcore Gamer?


I'm forwarding this from e-mail, so the formatting of this message may be a little messed up. I'll fix it when I get home.

Happy Dueling!


potroast42 said...

hey thomas look at the bottom of the email... "Sorry it’s been quiet lately, there’s always a calm before the storm. ;)
~Kiersten"... something big is coming out soon... or it could be referring to the bronze

Stingite said...

Dunno for sure, but it'll be great to see the test realm go live when it finally does!

jesse ^_^ said...

nice post again friendly.