Monday, October 19, 2009

How do I make the door to the temple of storms come up again?

I got a question here from a reader:
how can i get the well of spirits. I have already been through the door that comes up from the sand. can i make it come up again so i can go through it. I need to get to the temple of storms and the well of spirits

Oh yeah, this can be a little confusing, can't it?

Ok, here I am facing the sand pit and looking at the obelisks around it.

What you do is get near one of the obelisks and click X.

You'll notice it lights up.

Do this at every obelisk around the sand pit and wait for the giant head to appear and walk through!


Don't forget to go around back and get your beetle while you're there!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

How did you get that badge?!?! :O

jesse ^_^ said...

nice shots on krokotopia and nice mount I am guessing it's a royal lioness?

Panglou said...
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Panglou said...

how did you get that badge? secret shopper? or is it secret :P

Iridian said...

I saw a Theurgist in MooShu with the badge Secret Shopper. I asked him how he got it, but he seemed to be AFK. (That means Away From Keyboard for those who don't know)

Anonymous said...

i no this has nothin to do with your blog but i saw you run around in krok the other day :P

Stingite said...

@anon, panglou, and Iridian: Here's a clue for you: I entered a secret shop a number of times to earn the badge.

@happypunk: Thomas Lionblood is riding on a lion!

@anon #2: It might have been me, or it might have been a look alike! Someone asked me to port to them yesterday and there was a character there that looked exactly like mine!

Through the Spiral Gate said...

Heh, I remember when I was on that quest. Oh, the good ol' days... :3

The Ravenhunter said...

Are you talking about that "Secret Shop" in Krokotopia that isn't so secret (the one where you have to wait and you go through the teleporter and you can get that little Krokotillian pet)?

Panglou said...

OH! that shop i know whatcha mean, thx

Anonymous said...

I'm the mystery player that you seek. I'm not seen by many so please don't have a shriek if I disappear. To find me my hide-out for this month is a tower that brings the earth to it's knees with violent weather and hurricanes. I wear a blood bat and its name is (LORD MIDNIGHT).