Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is scrap iron only found in Marleybone?

I have a question here from Rylee:
My question is this. I am searching for scrap iron is Marleybone the only place you can find it as I have never seen it in any other realms? I want to finish my crafting but it is crazy hard cause you can't buy scrap iron anywhere. Thanks, Oh and I love the blog!

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Yeah, Scrap Iron is a tough one. It does appear to be a Marleybone exclusive at this point (someone let me know if I'm wrong); however, since the last patch you have another option available to you!

Felicia Worthington now has a cheap transmute scrap iron receipe for you. Now you can take 10 ores and 10 stone blocks and turn it into 1 scrap iron! Ore and stone blocks can be found in abundance in krokotopia and dragonspyre.

Hope that helps!

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jesse ^_^ said...

I think it is true what you said friendly about scrap iron since I only seen it in marleybone as well hmm gets me thinking anyway nice post again friendly.

jesse nightshade

Through the Spiral Gate said...

I had NO CLUE about the transmutate recipe! But luckily the requirements for the crafts went down so I ended up not needing that :D

You are so handy! You should be called the HANDY necromancer!

witchwarrior said...

can black pearls be transmuted?!
I hope it can!

Zachary FireDust said...

Just to let everyone know, Scrap Iron can only be found in Marleybone.

I reguards to the tranmute Black Pearls. The recipe can be purchased from Toshio, the recipe vender in Mooshu.

Anonymous said...

Rylee here! Thanks for the help I must have to level up some before I can use the scrap iron transmute card since it is still red. But I have a good headstart on the stone blocks and ore!

Rob said...

You Can Buy It A The WC Baazar

Anonymous said...