Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Free Grizzleheim Remix, Fo' y'all

DJ Friendly Necromancer here!

HEY ALL! I've been working in the back channels with Professor Greyrose to get this Grizzleheim remix I made put on the Fan Art page. We couldn't work that out since that page is for visual fan art, but (after clearing it with the Kingsisle legal department) this remix of mine ended up on the Downloads page (psst, it's right underneath the Wizard101 ringtones!)

So, please, if you're into stuff with a crazy beat and dig the music of Grizzleheim, visit the downloads page and give my remix a spin in your itunes! The original music for Grizzleheim belongs to Kingsisle and was written by Nelson Everhart. Yup, the same Nelson Everhart. (He's such a nice guy!)

While you're at the downloads page, they've also added some new Grizzleheim ringtones for you to check out as well! How about that?

Thanks for listening and thanks for reading! I'd love to see this land into someone's youtube video sometime! (maybe my own, hehe)

Happy Dueling!


The Evil Theurgists said...

INSANE DUDE!!!!!!!!! KI should hire you lol this should be an option in game.

Autumn Duskhunter said...

Whoa! Nice one! Gratz!

Jenna Ravensong said...

I love the song!! You should make another!

stingite said...

Thank you all! You can count on me making a new one!