Sunday, October 24, 2010

MAS QUESTIONS (*3) about that MFP!

It appears we are almost done with the questions about the Massive Fantasy Palace! Here's a few more:
Pegasus7 asks, "Hey I had a question. Is the card a worthwhile thing to get?"
If you're a fan of Wizard101 and plan on being around for a while, yes. If you're just getting into the game, yes.

For the price of $40, you're pretty much getting all you need to really get going with Wizard101: a cool mount, thee coolest house (which is also going to be awesome for holding parties of your own), a cool pet, awesome gear, nice weapon, an exclusive housing item, and a handful of crowns to get through some exclusive content. Buying those items separately would cost a lot more in the long run.

Now if you already own a mount, a house, a pet, good gear, and good weapons . . . well, the value for you goes down--At that point you're investing in "cool." None of it is really needed, but once you play the game with them, it's hard to imagine the game without them. That's kind of how the free-to-play model works in general with these games.

So it's really up to you as a player.

2 cents.

Willzahk asks, "I have a question. If this card ships national on November 1st, how do you have one?"
Honestly? Luck and hard work. KI gifted me and my family a couple codes and said, "surprise!" A reward for the hundreds and hundreds of hours over the past couple of years being The Friendly Necromancer I suppose. :-) And I totally appreciate it. (This isn't the first time KI has shown me generosity. Or even the second.)

A number of top fan sites received one from what I understand. If your site has been on the "official fan site" list for a year or so, there's a good chance you got one (People like Tipa from West Karana, L.R. Jonte from Mythspent Youth, Jester and Olivia from Wizard101 Central, Leesha from Ravenwood Radio, Fallon from Diary of a Wizard, etc.). I'm humbled by the gift and to be numbered among those top fan sites. Thank you, KingsIsle!

Next is a question from Nicholas Battleshard, "With the epic clothing set from the $39 gift card, I understand that you choose the stats based on your "power level". Now, I'm level 40. Say I get level 40 stats on my clothing set. When I turn level 50, can I upgrade the stats from level 40 gear to level 50 gear?"
I don't think it works that way. (Notice I say "think"--things are always subject to change). When you redeem your prestigious gear, it gives you this dialog box.

Make sure you read that note before you redeem . . . choose wisely.

Hope that helps!

Happy Dueling!


Thunderbird said...

Wonder if there will be level 60 gear when Celestia comes out?

L. R. Jonté said...

Another thing to consider when buying the card is that everything (except for the castle itself and maybe the elixir) can be traded across your account.

My Balance Wizard got the castle. My Necromancer got the staff and the pet. My Life wizard got the clothes and my Myth wizard got the mount.

Speaking of the elixir, did anyone think to take before and after shots? I didn't and now I'm really curious as to what the castle would have been like without it.

Fin and Quinn said...

lol same thing I wanted to ask

Willzahk said...

Two things. One, YAY, YOU FEATURED ME! :D and Two, You spelled my name wrong. Don't ask.
Also Three: how useful is the Ancient Staff of Power compared to the other level 55 staffs? Is it like an elemental dominance thing or what?

Jessica said...

The wand is like the gear. You can choose the level of the item you would like to redeem.
The level 50 staff has 7 cards (I believe). Each card is from a different school, and each has 110 damage. It also gives a power pip.

Stingite said...

@The Deathly Diviner: I've been wondering the same thing.

@LR: The elixer gives you a fourth housing slot, and if you have three houses already, it warns you that you need to drink the housing elixer first before claiming the MFP.

@Will: fixed that! thanks!

L. R. Jonté said...

@stingite Oh, so that's what it does! I kept thinking it had an effect on the house itself. Dur...

Sierra Starsong said...

Back to the gear selection: How are you supposed to know which Tier means which level? Is Tier 1 the lowest level newbie stuff, or is it the top level GM / Legendary gear?