Saturday, October 30, 2010

Check This Out! (Episode 5)

Here we go! It's the crazy feature where I show everybody the crazy stuff that people send me! Crazy cool stuff that is! I like exclamation points!!!!

First up is a message from Luke Goldhorn (aka PD):
Me and my friend made a guide to the Lounge Lizards in Celestia on Wizard101 Central. Would you mind checking it out and getting the word out? Thanks!

Nice guide! Click me!

Next is a message from Liam:
Hey Friendly. Its Liam F. I found this tower in Marleybone and I have no clue what it is. Can you help?

That, sir, is the warehouse instance! Aka the Celestia Prequest that isn't really a pre-quest Tower.

Here's a cool picture and note from Alric to my daughter Amber:
I just wanted to absolutely make sure Amber got this. I was going to wait until I released the final episode of FAAP but I thought it was only fair that she got it.
I also posted it on my blog if she wants to see it there I wrote a post about her and the other loyal fans of the comic.

Alric, she absolutely loved this. Thank you so much!

Just awesome.

Alex Dragonblade sent me a note about his new clan AND his new blog!
Ok so here's the thread directing to Knoble Knights, you'll find some info there:

And I was wondering if you could talk about my new blog: I made my first blog post today, I hope to continue in the future.
Wow, nice logo there for the Knoble Knights.

Evel Knievel would have made the jump into the Knoble Knights! He was bad to the bone like that . . .

Best of luck with the new group, Alex!

Next up is a crazy plea, request, etc. from one artur dragonstone:
Hi friendly. I am artur dragonstone level 30 fire/death. I've gotten to the end of sunken city THREE TIMES NOW and every time i die right before we beat grub, and i'm serious, right when I die, we win. can you help? If you agree, I want you to rate my house (villa). This isn't for nothing, I found a new glitch with the pets, and I have a pet so rare, only 100 were given, but i won it in my early days on wiz 101, so i have the 101 one! I'd attach a picture, but i haven't gotten to one yet.

haha! artur, I usually don't agree to stuff like this, but . . . ok!? WHY NOT!?

This next one comes direct from Professor Greyrose! Check this out, she was just in a Massively article talking about a game she loves to play . . . Asheron's Call. (You may have read in her interview where she mentioned that before.)

Click me.

Here's a cut and paste of her section of the article:
Kiersten "Ellen Ripley" Samwell (Wizard101 Community Manager)
For many, Asheron's Call was our first virtual world. Its wonder and scale were a source of awe. The world of Dereth felt infinitely expansive and at over 500 square miles of wide open, explorable landscape, it's massive compared to the instanced and segmented worlds of subsequent MMOs.

I remember a time when a Mattekar Robe was the most prized possession, a Mote was a coveted loot drop and it took entire guilds to get that Smoldering Atlan Stone in the dreaded Jahannan Vault.

Asheron's Call has always had a very strong, invested community. I'm the community manager for a successful MMO by KingsIsle Entertainment, and being a part of Asheron's Call all these years, at various levels, has taught me a great deal about the delicate dynamics of MMO communities.

Turbine never ceases to impress. The fact that they are able to get out an update every single month is staggering, particularly to those of us behind the scenes in the gaming industry. Each month the subscription fee is well earned, and that cannot be said of many other existing MMOs today. I started in beta and I still play to this day, almost a dozen years later. The players love the game because the developers love making the game. It shows in every detail, every beautiful vista, every intricate mystery and every one of those monthly updates.

For those of us who laughed as the white rabbit slaughtered us, or who ran naked Aerlinthe quests, Asheron's Call will always hold a special place in our hearts. Who can forget things like the Wi Flag and the floating vase in Nanto? Who didn't rely heavily on fansites like Maggie the Jackcat, Crossroads of Dereth and Kwip? While the days of 100-player dungeon raids are gone, there's still a magic there -- an ineffable call drawing us back to familiar areas, with the knowledge that there still remain areas unseen and undiscovered by even the most veteran player.

Asheron is still calling... I hear it... don't you?

Seriously, Professor Greyrose is full of so much win.

Next up is a CRAZY picture from Eric W.:
I ported to my house will waited for CL and found my life minotaur doing something odd!

That looks a lot like the concept art for the minotaur, but life style . .

Thanks for sharing!

And I have a couple things to share here.

1- Look at these old signatures of mine I found buried in e-mail. hehe. I used to make these for my guildmates back in the day when I was playing EQ. Finding these was a blast from the past.

2- Award winning chili recipe. I ain't kidding . . . this is the best chili ever. If you like to cook, I've won best chili at my work two times in a row with this recipe. Try it out! (I usually only do 2 pounds of each meat instead of 3 pounds, and I substitute cranberry juice for the wine.)


Thanks for all the e-mails!

Happy Dueling!


Taji34 said...

Hey friendly! I know why that life minotaur glitch happened. Do you want to know? If so shoot me an email.

Matthew Stormshade said...

wow there are lots of ingredients in that chili 0.0

smogger smasher said...

OMG!!!! Ive seen that giant pet thing before!! The first day Celestia came out, I was in the commons, and there were a bunch of these. The pet's movements were frozen, so not a single cat thug flipped his coin, it just defyed gravity hanging in the air. The pet's owners were in between their legs, and moving about. I was shocked. "EETS STORMZEELA!!! AIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

that happened to me once! My ghost became HUGE! for about three seconds!

Eric W. said...

The funniest thing about the life minotaur was it was running in my direction and half my pets were behind you just cant see them.