Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Sidebar Voice App

I was just over at Maniac Magic and saw an app over on Myrna's sidebar I liked, and I had to steal it. I've been looking for a cool way to leave some voice messages on my blog and this looks to be a good one so far.

Scroll on down and look for the little bat fella wearing a wizard hat. That's totally me. (I'd upload a picture of said bat, but it appears that blogspot isn't allowing image uploads for the next couple of hours due to maintenance. *frown*)

It appears you can call a phone number, upload a file, record direct from your mic, or type a message. I opted for typing a message today. Why? 1) too early in the morning here. 2) computer voices both creep me out and make me laugh. :-)

I don't know how often I'll update that, but I just wanted to alert you to its presence. :-) NEW THING! *shiny*

BTW, did you all catch the word "shiny" at the end of some quest text in the District of Stars? I LOL'd about it! I'd post up a picture of the quest text, but once again, blogspot isn't allowing image uploads right now . . . dot dot dot.
"At the end of the lecture, the Preceptor produces a small metal token for you. Shiny!"
Happy Dueling!


Robert DragonHeart said...

Shiny? lol reminds me of the tv series FireFly!

Panglou said...

MY PRECIOUS! Who doesn't love shiny stuff? :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, how do you see it?

Robert Windwraith said...

when are you going to post the level 58 and astral spells?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????When????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Tell me please??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

witchwarrior said...

just heard it! lol