Thursday, October 21, 2010

Remember Your Halloween Candy This Year!

Here's a refresher from last year for you: Don't forget that while you're handing out Halloween Treats, it could end up being a profitable idea to add your friend code on the candy!

"Here's an idea! What if you printed out a bunch of stickers with your friend code web address and stuck them on your candy that your family passes out for Halloween? THEN, not only are you giving kids some candy, but you're giving them the chance to make some crowns and give you some crowns in the process.

In other words, put that sucker on a sucker!"

Try it out! You never know. That might lead to some extra crowns for you and your family. :-)

Happy Dueling!


Henrietta said...

That is a fantastic idea! If only we handed candy out! We live in the boonies so have to go into town to trick-or-treat :)

The Powerful Juan said...

heh this post remembers that I've been watching this blog every day for almost a whole year.
Keep on posting friendly!