Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Diapermancer is . . . gasp . . . a life wizard!

We got an awesome surprise package the other day! Kingsisle had sent us a little somethin' somethin' from their webstore! We were completely floored to receive such an awesome gift! It was such a sweet gesture and just . . . amazing. I had a huge smile on my face. HUGE! We all had huge smiles on our faces! Amber, Kyle, me, my wife, the monster-in-law . . . mail time has never been such a happy occasion!

And then the worst thing imaginable happened . . . I turned the little onesee over to discover what they had chosen my Diapermancer to be!

NOOOOOooooOOOooOOoo! A life wizard!!!!!!! How can this be?! Amber Deathsong (Our resident life wizard) did a dance around the house, while I just hung my head.

At first I thought he would burn from the pain and torture of wearing a life wizard cloak. And indeed, he looks in pain doesn't he? It was like fire on his skin. HORRIBLE!

But then, in an instant, as if Sawyer was snuggling into Gryffindor like good ol' Harry Potter, he accepted his sorting hat. Seeing just how relaxed he became in his first ever life wizard robe, I relented . . . he certainly must be a life wizard.

*sigh.* I guess I can't always pass on the good genes. (I really hope he doesn't cast an imp on me in the middle of the night for saying that.)

haha! That onesee is a 6-9 months size, but we couldn't wait to post it to you all to show off our cute, little life wizard and publicly thank Kingsisle. Thank you so much for this awesome gift. You're truly a company with a heart of gold. Keeping this blog and getting to chat with employees of Kingsisle every once in a while has been a very positive experience.




Anonymous said...

yay another life wizard!
too bad its not a necromancer though :/

Elijah Stormheart said...

I guess he's a Diapergist now. XD

Victoria Silver said...

Wow, very neat gesture on the part of KI. Watch for him casting Imp any time now!

Anonymous said...

Make sure he doesn't cast Nature's Wrath in your backyard either. he could break your windows by accident if he isn't careful.

The Evil Theurgists said...


JGoof said...

What a cute baby!

And yes, KI sure knows how to treat their fans.

My wizard is Death/Life, so I am ok with the fact that he is a life wizard.

Isaiah Spelldust said...

Good for amber, bad for you! What can I say, KI was really generous to send that!

jessenightshade said...

haha friendly another life wizard in your family too bad you did not get a death wizard in your family anyway he be soon be able to cast that mighty centuar faster than you think friendly.

Noelle said...

Congratulations! What a nice thing for KI to do. Love their sense of humor. Hey, Life Wizards Rock!

Jessica said...

But in PvP you can always have 2 life wizards!;)

Autumn Duskhunter said...

Lol. Amazing little guy, you got there.

BuckBuckMew said...

Life wizards are the best wizards, lmao! Your son is adorable!

stingite said...

@Alric: I think I can make it his secondary

@Elijah: It just doesn't have the same ring, does it?

@Victoria: I'm ducking for cover in the basement atm!

@anon: good point! LOL!

@Theurgists: gasp! who could be anti-death!?

@JGoof: Good to see you post again on here, Goof! I agree.

@Isaiah: definitely!

@jesse: sniff . . . the growup so fast! hehe.

@Noelle: haha. I bet Greyrose had a laugh over it for sure.

@Jessica: very good point!

@Autumn: Awwww thanks!

@Buckbuck: with the new changes in boss fights, it definitely made them much more valuable to the community.

Thanks all!!!!

Tesh said...

Heh, congrats! I'll second that it's very cool that King's Isle is doing this for you. Good folk, they seem like.

My wizard is a Balance wizard, so I'm rather... equitable about however the kidlings turn out. So far, I've got one Ice wizardling and one Storm one. Now, for a Fire one to complete the group... :)

Lori aka BriarRosie said...

Hey now, don't knock us Life Wizards! I congratulate you on the cutest li'l life wizard I've seen. Welcome Diapermancer!