Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 2 in Austin -- video delayed

Heya all!

I'm having a great time here. I hope you've been reading my twitters. I will probably have some good ones from GDC itself later today.

I have three interviews lined up this morning, and I actually need to get going to the conference (and don't really have time to blog much).

I did get some great video footage of the Kingsisle offices and some interesting surprises that are in store for all of us soon. The footage is so good in fact, that I need to get approval of most of it before I show it to you all. I'll be hunting down Ben, KI's PR Guru, this afternoon to get his approval. The earliest you might see some of this footage is tomorrow or Friday.

I had a wonderful time yesterday at GDC, and I expect that today will be just as awesome.

Peace, love, and happy dueling!


leah said...

ooo i cant wait to see what new stuff there will be
i hope there are centaur mounts in the future and interactive furniture maybe and could you tell them about my ideas plz :}

ghostmancer said...

Can't wait for the video!

Anonymous said...

I know the Austin airport well! Be sure to have a breakfast taco some time before you leave... you'll thank me later. (-:


shiarie said...

Lol, your day 1 video was awesome - funny :)). Can't wait for your updates.