Friday, October 15, 2010

Busy Morning

Just a quick note this morning to let you all know that I'm hard at work on an article for Beckett's MOG concerning my recent trip to Austin.

I hope you're all enjoying Celestia.

Part of my trip was spent huddled in an office with some of the lead people involved with making Celestia, and I've been reviewing my iphone recording of our half hour long conversation for some good soundbytes. What I want to tell you is that they are very concerned about "you." They were excited to see "you" in Celestia, and they went to a lot of work to make it a great experience . . . for YOU.

They also want to hear your feedback about Celestia, so make sure you're not holding back. If you have something to say about your experience there, let loose.

I gotta get back to writing this article, but I just wanted to say GOOD MORNING, and happy dueling!


SorionHex said...

Morning Friendly. And no holding back here. Pretty sure I sent in like 30 bug reports, 11 Ideas, and 17 comments during my trip to Celestia. =]]

Thunderbird said...

I also had a busy morning (but not as busy as yours) I had to walk 2 miles to get something and then when i got there, they didn't have it.

Panglou said...

For US?!?!? They're so nice. :)Time for more adventures in Celestia today.