Friday, October 22, 2010

Even *more* Gamestop Double-Wide Card Questions

Ok, here are some questions and answers from yesterday's post:
Sierra asks, "Game Kiosk question: Can you change what game it plays, like changing the clothes on a mannequin?"
Nope, and it didn't appear as though it was selectable when I got it. Great idea though! It just seemed random. I'm with you. I was kind of hoping for a potion motion game, but I'm finding a new love for skull riders. :-)

Venessa asks, "I HAVE A BIG QUESTION! i am raffling 2 of these prizes on my blog and a i need to no.... is it a card with many codes or just one if its just one plz give me a KI email adress! XD TY!"
Sorry Venessa, it's just one code for everything, and I don't think KI could split up the rewards from the card. You may want to think of something else to raffle.

Seth Titanwhisper asks, "I heard there was a battle arena whats the whole thing around that?" Anon the asks after him, "Whats the battle circle in the background of the last picture for?"
Yup, there is a battle circle INSIDE YOUR HOUSE! It rocks. It works exactly like the old battle circle before matched PVP was introduced into the game. You get split into teams as you run into the circle. One of my best memories from the old arena battle circle was an event I went to with the Wizened Wizards. Eight people put their backs the circle and ran backwards at the same time.

You don't get any rank for battling here. You just battle here for the fun of it. Great for parties!

Anon asks, "Does the pet give any spells (or will it when it lvls up) and how long does it take to hatch? P.S. Could you give us a tour of the house? I really want to see what it actually looks like, especially since I'm planning on buying the gift card."
Well, I don't know if it'll give a card, but I got mine up to Adult and it did manifest spritely . . . although getting it to cast spritely has been more of a challenge.

At your request, here's the video:

Happy Dueling!


Gorman said...

How long will this gift card run for??? Hopefully until at least Christmas, It definately would make a great stocking stuffer!

Panglou said...

It looks like Hogwarts for sure! :)

Sierra Starsong said...

The Petnome Project is already working on mapping out the Fierce Hounds:

Paige MoonShade said...

Hint: you missed a hidden passage in the house ;)

Awesome as always

Diary of a Necromancer said...

WOW I am soooo getting one!

Matthew Stormshade said...

Sweet friendly! i am gonna have to get that for christmas. and even before you said it, i have been to like 3 massive fanstasy castles and i wondered why nobody did a rug up to the island!

ps. nice cure song Friendly

Thunderbird said...

Everyone seems to be missing the other secret passage to the dungeon, it's the wall right next to the stairs going up in the entrance room. It's really cool, check it out

Unknown said...

I've been to that huge castle and it is so sick!

Anonymous said...

Ty for making that video, now I know I'm gonna buy that card. Also they made the gryphon mount the way I had hoped, stand while stationary and flying while moving. What wont ki think of.

witchwarrior said...

Question: Also included in the card is the Additional Castle Space elixir. Is this a permanent elixir or does it last an hour?

Kevin BattleBlood said...


Fierce Hound doesn't have an innate card unfortunately, so unless it manifests a Talent that gives a card, this Pet will be passive, save for Spritely and possibly other May Cast spells.

One way you can check to see if your pet will ever receive a card in its lifetime is to mouse-over another person's equipment, over the Pet Icon. The Generic Stats of your pet should say "Gives X Card At ____" if the pet does give its own card.

Can't wait until the 1st!!!

Anonymous said...

The Additional Castle Space elixir is permanent.

PyromancerJonathan said...

Wow, That is definitely a "Massive" Castle! :)

Smogger Smasher said...

Hey, I saw a friend of mine playing at a sorcery stones game terminal. I thought it was only skull riders? It was onthe left side somewhere. Unfortunately, no screenshot, so no proof. But look around. It might be there.