Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Quick Cure to Heartbreaking Pet Talents?

Well, I now have a heartbreaking pet story. This is my version of Where the Red Fern Grows.

*hands out tissues*

I don't know if you've seen this pet in the derby awards:

Sure you have! It's awesomeness. I wanted that Dark Crow pet as did a few of our friends, so we set up a system over at the pvp arena to trade wins in order to get arena tickets because quite honestly, no one derby's at the ancient pet / pet warlord level. It's lonely at the top and it's hard to get the pvp tickets you need through Derby alone.

It took quite a while to spin up 750 arena tickets, but eventually I GOT MY CROW! Love my crow! I rushed over to the dance game and worked my pet up to Adult, and this is what I found:

Selfish talents and a couple of "meh" derby talents. Oh man, 750 arena tickets for that is painful. Sure sure, now at least I have the bird model and I can mix that with other, more uber pets to get better stats on my crow, but that could equate to a TON of time and gold depending on how unlucky I am. It's definitely possible to make a better crow . . . it's just time consuming (keep that "time consuming" idea in mind and stick with me here).

Now, on the flip side of that, I also recently received a fierce hound from the Double-wide gamestop card (which Kingsisle was kind enough to give to me and a few other fansites for free). Check out what manifested on my free fierce hound when I leveled him up:

Not bad at all, right? In fact, that might be the pet I first use in trying to build a better Dark Crow!

It's just ironic that the pet that me and my friends worked our tails off for manifests junk traits, and the pet I get for free and with no effort manifests sprightly of all things. (Actually, I take that "free and with no effort" statement back; keeping the Friendly Necromancer blog going for two years to earn one of those pets is a lot more effort than it is to spin up 750 arena tickets . . . .)


I don't know if this has ever been proposed before, so I'm going to throw this out there and see what you all think. You know how you can pay good old Professor Lincoln to reassign your training points on your character? Sure you do, it can end up being quite costly reassigning your points, but if you want a perfect character build, you go for it, right?

What if you could go to the ringleader there in the Pet Pavilion and pay to have one of your pet's talents reassigned? You just know there are better talents hidden on that dark crow pet, right? What if you could select a talent, click a button, pay some crowns, and *poof* the pet magically unlearns the unwanted talent and instead chooses another talent on a pet's pedigree chart?

You know, I've seen worse than my Dark Crow. I've seen some heart breaking pets out there where people have spun a pet all the way up to epic and their pet manifested nothing but selfish talents. I bet you those people would love this feature. You could even make that a stipulation to using the pedigree enhancer. You could require that the only pets that could use the pedigree enhancer were epic.

What do you think?

I guess the next logical step after that would actually be going to a "training school" where you can pick a better pet talent from a menu and replace your unwanted talent with one that you buy, which might be simpler and more direct.

What do you think?

Happy Dueling


Sierra Starsong said...

I love the training school idea! I've got one of those all-passive pets, one of the Storm Bats that only drops from Wavebringer deep in the Plague Oni instance. Luckily I only raised him in the Test Realm with those free Crowns, so I know not to bother raising him at all for real.

Heather Raven said...

I really like that idea, but maybe insted of picking the new talents, you just got reset. So you got a new try at your pet's abblities. I think that's a bit more in line with what we've already got goin' on in the pet system.

Kevin BattleBlood said...

One man's disappointing Talent is treasured by another! While we don't have any submissions from other players on the Dark Crow, it makes some sense to why those passive/selfish Talents would be dominant in its genetic skeleton: it's a pet rewarded to dedicated, Derby enthusiasts or experts who are not yet Pet Warlords.

In other words, perhaps the Dark Crow was meant only to function as a strong Derby pet but mediocre dueling pet, while the Fierce Hound was built to function as a pet that helps/boosts their owners in fights.

I'd suggest mixing your Crow (death) with Fierce Hound (death), not only for a better chance of having a black bird with active Talents, but also for a better chance to raise its Strength and Power above 200.

As for the Pet Trainer School idea...I would love to have the ability to swap out some Talents for others, but at the same time, it would conflict with idea that not everything in life can be fixed by a purchase, especially when it comes to genetics and development. As an example, if I'm an owner and competitor in a dog show, I wanted to obtain the award for having the "Fastest Breed," I could try to inflate my chances by investing in enhancements. No longer would the work of breeding the best pet matter (equivalent to farming Epic loot where you at least have some control over its bonuses), if all it takes is 1-4 changes to design the pet to something desired.

Anonymous said...

hey the hound pet um do they sell a gift card with it cause i want one or is it a special pet

Matthew Stormshade said...

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