Monday, October 18, 2010

Head Nod to DDO in Celestia

Heh. I ran into this puzzle on the Test Realm today:

Which instantly reminded me of the floor puzzles in Dungeons and Dragons Online:

haha! You find these floor puzzles scattered throughout the dungeons of DDO all the time. Last night my static DDO group encountered a very complex one where if the puzzle connected with certain points on the ground, monsters would jump us. Good times!

Nice head nod to DDO, KingsIsle!

Happy Dueling!


Shady said...

lol That puzzle is from before you fight that alien dude that I told my friend that it looked like a big abd uglier E.T lol

Panglou said...

Sweet, I did the puzzle in DDO also, now I get to do it in W101 too! Never would of noticed the similarity's to them, :).

Robert DragonHeart said...

There is a puzzle in the Prince of Persia: the warrior within video game for the Ps2 that looks almost like that one as well!

Soulrider26 said...

Think I'd remembered running into something like that as my latent DDO Necromancer, Mankor Soulrider.

@Robert Dragonheart If I'm right, that must be the one about routing the water for the towers, yeah? Gone through that game several times and never really paid that much attention to it.

Pegasus7 said...

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@Robert Dragonheart Nice to meet someone who knows that series too.

Pegasus7 said...

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Isaac stormflame

Alex Deathshade said...

That puzzle is like the puzzle in the original hobbit game in the level where your fixing the old dwarf place in the mountain, except that one is with water and there are about fifty switches!
that hobbit game shows a lot of simmillaritis to W101, the hobbit game is from like 1996 though!

Anonymous said...

I love DDO and the puzzles and traps that it has. Cool to see that moving over/getting a nod in other games. If you run into any puzzles that stump you look up the quest on This site has tons of tips and walkthroughs that can really help you out!

Diary of a Necromancer said...

Lol I just completed that dungeon :)