Saturday, October 2, 2010

Recent Free Realms Redux

Before I type anything else. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you grumpor:

"That looks perfect!" Yes, yes, she's a beauty; however, I was shocked to see that grumpor was not Dr. Brightenstein's assistant in the blockbuster 1987 hit Dr. Brightenstein's Monster from the Care Bears DVD Care Bears Share a Scare. SO I guess that doesn't look so perfect after all, now does it?! Care Bears pwn Freerealms! (I smell double entendre . . .)

Grumpore is a part of the Mining profession quests, which I have been breaking my freaking wrist over. If you didn't guess from my previous post, I've been working on Mining and Blacksmithing together. They're kind of companion professions that just naturally go together (like a philly cheese steak and some creamy jalepeno sauce, yo). As I explained in that previous post, you mine the ore, you smelt the ore, and you use the bars of ore in a recipe for making cool stuff.

When you see this symbol finally flash on your screen, there is a humbled moment of silence as you realize your time to playing those mini-games grows closer to an end:

(Don't remind me that I still have the Cooking profession mini-games to look forward to.)

I do believe I have reached the point with Blacksmithing and Mining where most sane people give up. Would you like evidence? Ok! I have evidence.

I have attained the highest possible score in copper bar smelting. This puts me on the leader boards; however, if you look at my actual ranking, it's a paltry 48th place. Why? Well I just happen to be the 48th person to get that score since the last time they reset their leaderboards (have they ever reset them? I don't know. I just don't want to say 48th person "ever" and then have someone come laugh at me because I didn't know about blah blah leaderboard reset that happens every blah blah month or something.)

Now, let's compare that with my high score for iron bar smelting. Hey, look at that, I'm 10th for my high score, and it appears that NO ONE has ever gotten the 24,400 high score above that. Why? I think it's because sane people stop the insanity long before this point. Those nine people who trail-blazed before me are all just as freaking nuts as I am. PSYCHOS!

Anyway, the order for mining/smelting ore so far seems to go copper->tin->iron->silver->??. I'm going to guess gold comes after silver and that you can only mine that after you've reached level 20. We'll see. I just wanna know where the gold's at.

I don't know yet because I'm only level 15 at this point, which unlike the gushing praise I got for my card dueling skills, in these circles here they only predict that I'll be "as good as most famous miners."

I'm gonna come back here and use that plant guy as ingredients when I start working up cooking.

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

dude more wizard 101 news and less free realms

Stingite said...


Anonymous said...

I think he is trying to compensate for the fact that there isnt much wizard 101 news cause we are all waiting for celestia! Plus its his blog he can write about whatever he wants right!

maguswiz said...

yah its HIS blog he can do whatever he wants and if you dont like it dont come to this website go to another blog sheesh

Anonymous said...

he is just saying that crafting should be more like on free realms and he showing us how and why sheesh