Friday, October 15, 2010

Improved Loot Table for Wizardblox is LIVE!

haha! Do you all believe in synchronicity? No? Well I do now! Just yesterday I was grumbling about how I was sooooo "sick and tired" of that boring old loot table for Wizardblox. Yawnnnnnn.

Weeeeellllll, guessssss what?!

Check it out!

When I saw that, I could NOT believe my eyes! WHAT?
"Improved functionality with the iPad, iPhone 4, and OS 4. Improved prizes! Players can now earn Reagents, Pet Snacks, Housing Decorations, Elixirs, Mount Rentals and even more gold! "

I've been waiting for this update to Wizardblox FOREVER!

So I grabbed my iPhone and played a few games.

76,000 or so netted me . . . nothing.

460,000 or so netted me, THIS!

Wow! A ghostfire reagent! OK, that's different.

A game of 170,000 or so netted me, THIS!

Huh . . . A dark wood crate . . . Ok! I'll take it!

I can't wait to see what the other prizes are like! WOW! It feels all new again! COOL! WIZBLOX WINS!

Happy Dueling!


Stephanie said...

Heh, if you do get any furniture out of the ordinary, let us know k?!!

Matthew Stormshade said...

hey friendly matthew stormshade here, as you probably know i love furniture and we all know furniture isnt avaiable in celestia during the test realm. but have you got any tip-offs or anything that just said it was disabled for the test realm? because i really want some celestian furniture when the time comes on the live realm

Blaze Stormthief said...

Wow, looks like Wizblox really takes it outa your IPhone battery :)

Matthew Stormshade said...

hey friendly, i realize my last post was a bit... inaccurate so let me ask you a question. when the test realm for Dragonspyre include furniture? (i would know but during that month i was in England and didn't have time to play) because i will try to use that data to deduce whether kingsisle are even gonna bother making CL furniture.

Unknown said...

I was happy with Wizardblox until the update. I'd start at level 8 and play through level 12-14. In that range, I always got useful things I really liked; Marvelous Minions packs, transformations, health elixirs, mana elixirs, accuracy elixirs, power elixers, and damage elixirs.

With the latest update, I've been very disappointed. I've gotten gold and lots of pet snack, playing in that same level range. I don't want crates or tiles and decorations. I'm not very interested in homes (my son loves his. Maybe I don't get into it because I have a real house to keep up and I like adventuring and battling :) I'd consider a Celestia house, but a dorm is fine for me). It feels like a downgrade so far from crown items (elixirs) to gold and gold items. But I have only played 2 days. Maybe I can get what I like at a different point range. If anyone has a link to an actual list of prizes and ranges, I'd appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Ashley WaterWeaver, level 51, myth. Does anyone know what score you need to get to win a FOG unicorn? I have tried and tried but all I usually get is seeds, pet snacks, reagents and gold. Also, one time I got a one day horse mount. Nothing real good. And if your going to ask, I don't know what score I got to get them, but it's something in the level 1-12 range. So, yeah, please HELP!!! Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

My friend got a fog unicorn at lvl 8, I tried many times and all I got was pet snacks some gold and once a death scarab. I hope I helped and good luck ��
- Christina angleflower (ice, lvl 50)

Unknown said...

Hey it's Christina angleflower again, and to keep you updated i also got a fog unicorn :) mostly pet snacks and mist wood I got the pet at lvl 10

- Christina angleflower (lvl 66 ice)