Monday, October 11, 2010

New spells video from IGN (and WTG fans!)

Hey all!

Well, here's the new spells video (the one I saw at Kingsisle) over at IGN:

This is a much higher quality video than the "over-the-shoulder" video I shot when I was there. I'm happy that all of the spells were found before this hit the streets. GO FAST LEVELERS ON THE TEST REALM!

The fans totally pulled their weight over on Youtube to get these out and published. This is one from PrestonW101, who pulled all the videos together into one:

Haha! Nice song on the end of that one. ;-)

Gratz IGN for the exclusive!

Happy Dueling!


Anonymous said...

Nice, so far I've only seen the elemental ones, now I can see them all. Now that the test realm's up, I'm sure I can find SOMEWHERE how much Celestia costs per area. ........Alot can happen in 3days if ur computer breaks!

Ryan Winterstone said...

Nice! I was the first death on the test realm to get my new spell :) It made it harder that I couldn't continue the storyline because of the moon portal that I can't use.

Honorary Detective said...


Can't wait to get it someday!!! <3

Anonymous said...

When is the moon portal going to be opened i cant access it :'(

Diary of a Necromancer said...


emleatherman said...

i'm speechless. i dont play w101 but i still look back at it. this is so awesome.

Peter Venuti said...

hehehe, my video is of Medusa, the last one. I wanted to put your song in it :) . I got Ra yesterday, and since you can't say his name, I just called him bird face :P I think he likes that name, hehe. Anyway, Ra works great if you put a Gargantuan or Monstrous on him; I love it! Although, he is REALLY slow, hehe, Kinda reminds me of the slowness of Orthrus :P

Alex Deathshade said...

the spells are cool, but KI needs to do egyption homework, Ra is the sun god, and does not have a birds head, thats Thoth, Horus, and Ptah, not Ra!

Johnny said...

Hi friendly!! i was john, the storm wizard who casted levithan. I was the first one to get the new storm spell and complete celestia! its awesome!! i worked right when test opened and jumped right into questing. I started at 7pm and stayed up till 5 am and i was level 59 and finished with celestia! now i am currently level 60! It feels great to be legendary! Hope you enjoy celestia! i sure did!


Anonymous said...

alex, i think Isis was bird headed too


Life attacks all = good
Death steals a Fire spell and makes it dead = bad
Myth gets a Medusa = good all together
Balance has weak attack = bad
Balance has epic animation = good
Ice attacks over time AND taunts! = really bad!
Storm gets snake thing = good
Fire does not get DOT = bad

i wish KI would fix the bad things.

(no offence, Friendly, and no offence other Necromancers)