Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reckless Frenzy in Wizard101?

From Seth, "Hello Friendly.

I asked this on Twitter a few weeks back but you probably didn't see it due to being so busy, so I might as well ask again while you still have time to answer it.

A while back I made some spell cards for Wizard101 based on the Pirate101 power card called Reckless Frenzy (allows the user to keep attacking the same target over and over again until they miss at the cost of 5% of their health). These are just some rough drafts that I whipped up, but I would like to know what you think of them and what might possibly happen in terms of advantages and disadvantages should they ever make their way into the actual game.

Thanks in advance."

Interesting idea, Seth! It would definitely require some balance from a Designer so that it wasn't overpowering for a 5 pip spell, but with the potential to do more than your average 5 pip spell, right? It's like a luck-based spell where you could alter your chances of being lucky with stacked buffs. 

That balance would probably include a set damage number since that isn't listed (unless this is an aura or a sun magic card?). Personally I'd like to see the starting chance to hit a little higher to begin with since I'll be losing 5% accuracy per cast, but that'd all have to be fleshed out in the balance of the spell. Might be cool to see the damage get higher and higher with each strike to make it so if you're lucky, you're really lucky and also so you don't have to blade 6 times to get full effectiveness. Then again, that is part of the problem with Myth class . . . you feel like you always have to double blade everything, which tends to get annoying.  Would players stack 6 or 7 blades on themselves with this?

Hmm.  It also would most likely increase the value of loading up personal class shields in your deck, as you'd probably want to stack those on yourself before casting. In a way it kind of sounds like a more metered wild bolt or insane bolt with guaranteed damage on both sides.

It definitely would be a sticky spell that would take players time to master, and I do like that you're trying to bring a Pirate101 mechanic to Wizard101! Very creative!

Happy Dueling

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Unknown said...

Thanks for answering my question; I'm glad you like it.

The reason that there's no damage value on the card is because it takes into account your base damage value from gear and such (i.e. for Hypothermia if you have 33% ice damage then the spell would deal around 33% base ice damage every hit). Of course you could always increase the damage with blades, traps, bubbles/globals and auras, but still for the base damage that all depends on how much damage you have initially when you cast it. Though now that I think about it, for people with no damage bonuses applied to it, maybe have it just do 100 base damage every time to make it fair for all players who do use this spell in battle.

I made it 5 pips (aside from the Burnout) because I figured that for a spell like this 5 pips seemed like a reasonable amount to go for (not too little but not too much either); same goes for the base accuracy as well (not too much but not too little either).

Again, these are just some rough drafts that I made up (it originally only took health away, but the w101c community convinced me to change it so that you're losing both health and accuracy as well so as to prevent players from just stacking 100% accuracy buffs on themselves and always hitting with it with no chance of fizzling either).

Thanks again Friendly, I really appreciate it.