Friday, June 6, 2014

Soloing Belloq in Zafaria as a Fire Wizard?

Colin asks, "What's the best way to solo Beloq Zafaria as a fire?"

Well, I decided to try it out for you tonight using Uber Wife's character.  Granted she's Level 90ish, but this was the deck I used, which was full of many non-90ish level spells.  In fact, the whole thing was link, sun magic enchants, tower shield, heckhound, fire minion, satyr, pixie, and fire elf spamming.

She's also wearing a pet that casts fire blades and uses Spritely and I think is still sporting Waterworks gear.

I took out Belloq first . . .

. . . and then his minion.

. . . ze readers may have some additional insights in the comments below!

Happy Dueling

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Unknown said...

Thanks! Just to know it's possible is nice :)