Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Open for Business!

HEY crazy Wizard101 and Pirate101 people!  I'm open for business again!

Ask your questions, and I'll see if I have an answer.  I probably won't spend hours upon hours doing so like in the past, but I will try to at least make it entertaining. ;)

So . . . ask a question in the comments below, and I'll see if I can answer.

Things that are off the list:

1- When is X coming to Pirate101 or Wizard101, where X=anything that isn't in the game yet. If you do ask me one of those questions, I will most likely respond with a giant yellow question mark.

2- My X didn't redeem properly, my X isn't working properly, this X is a bug that needs to be fixed. where X=your personal game/computer issues. I do this far too much while at work . . . and on my personal blog, I just don't want to always have to say . . . hey! Email Support! Because, really, it is your best course of action.

3- Can I have an X, where X= some new staff or banner or code for Crowns.  If I'm going to give away stuff, I'll do it with a raffle or a contest.

4- X Hot Topic in the community that's ugly right now . . . like someone hacking, exploiting, or starting a rumor about a ghost girl. Cripes PEOPLE!  Just please check the drama at the door on the TFN blog. Sorry, I know it's important to you, but this is my off time, and I really just want to talk about Drama-free Wizard101 and Pirate101 here on TFN. :)

5- I'll come back and modify this list if there's something that should be added later. ;)

So . . . ask a question, and let's see if I can come up with an answer.  As a warning, I may just answer you with a funny picture or a one-liner.  Let's see if we can have fun with this!

Happy Dueling


Scarlet Frogslinger said...

Would you ever dress up to look like your Wizard? What about the rest of the family?

Anonymous said...

Is Walk in Darkness supposed to multiply damage even if the next attack is a damage-multiplying power, such as Assassin's Strike? I've heard people say they do this, but it's never worked for me, so I'm wondering if it's a bug.

Anonymous said...

Will you be joining Toontown Rewritten, or have joined it? :D Thats all ^-^

Unknown said...

What's the best way to solo Beloq Zafaria as a fire?

Duncan StormThief said...

Hello Friendly, very kind of you to let us ask you questions. OK, I can only imagine how much time were you spending in wizard101 while you were blogging, and only blogging about it. Now when you work for KI do you have any time at all for wizard101, did you defeat the Morganthe? I am only asking this, bcs since I got "hooked" on pirates I don't spend time on wizard101 like I used to. I was constantly farming for something, mostly pets, have a huge first gen pet collection. But know when I embraced my my pirate side, I am spending way less time on there. Also now that pirates introduced the adv pet, I am way more occupied with pirate101 then wizard101. Now, I was wondering, how is this all impacting you? Not only that you play pirate101, you are working for pirate101 team. Do you still have time for wizard101, or maybe you barley have the time for both games? Do tell. Sry for long text, I am looking forward hearing from you :)

Unknown said...

What do you suppose would be the difference between the citizens of Gobblerton and the Gobblers of Colossus Boulevard? I suppose they'd send the fatter, more powerful gobblers to scope things out, but they could want leaner adventurer-types to claim the new kingdom.

(Just in case, I'm not attempting/implying to abuse #1 of the off-list. Just awfully curious on what you think of the topic.)

Anonymous said...

How many favors do I owe you?

Bailey said...

What's your favorite W101/P101 world, and why?

Anonymous said...

Hi Friendly! I have a question that's bugging me for a while now: why are watermelons green on the outside?

Anonymous said...

Ok, a serious question. Why didn't pirate101 use your voice for One-eyed Jack, or at least gave us a "team Friendly" option so we could pick who's voice we'd hear?
Yes i know they hired professional voice actors and yes they did a great job. But that is the only thing i would change on the game because i think it's missing and it would not destroy the magic of the game (the illusion, the setting, or whatever you want to call it), it would be an improvement. A tongue-in-cheek moment that only we would get maybe, but it would be really great.

Stingite said...

Thanks for the questions all! Any more?