Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dress like a Wizard?

From Scarlet Frogslinger: "Would you ever dress up to look like your Wizard? What about the rest of the family?"


. . . Uh . . . what kind of freak do you think I am, Scarlet?  OF COURSE I WOULD!

We do that from birth around here . . . it's like, I come home from work and instead of putting on my relaxing shoes like Mr. Rogers, I throw on the wizard shoes.

I actually have a great picture of Uber Wife dressed up as Morganthe that I'm having a hard time finding right now, but . . . it was awesome, trust me.  Definitely something she could throw on at a convention to get her cosplay going (although, seriously, it would take some talkin' to make that happen outside of Halloween).

Happy Dueling

1 comment:

Scarlet Frogslinger said...

Oh the little wizard in training is just incredibly adorable :) Not really sure how you get much time for play with one of those little things around to dangle of your knee... unless you dangle (dandle?) whilst playing.

May have been kind of weird to see Uber Wife as Morganthe. We, as wizards normally fight her - not give her a hug. ;)

And great reply, you really brought a smile to my day!