Sunday, June 8, 2014

Friendly's Favorite Worlds?

Bailey asks, "What's your favorite W101/P101 world, and why?"

Hmm.  Well, the cop out answer is "whichever one I'm currently playing in!" I really do think I give a different answer every time I'm asked this question, but for today? Today I'm really feeling both of the Marleybone worlds!

In Wizard101 I've spent a ton of time running around Regent's Square exploring, and I always liked roaming the rooftops.  I like the rides on the Balloon Ships with Mr. Personality.  I totally love chasing down Meowiarty, and I'm intrigued by his entanglement with Malistaire.  I like the night time sky and the funky bobbies. . . . It's kind of funny because I fully understand that Marleybone is the most hated Wizard101 world there is, but strangely I really like it!

In Pirate101 players really DIG Marleybone (ruff ruff), you finally get to down two major Armada leaders, there are fireworks in the skyways, and the town environments are just really beautifully done (makes me pine for a remake of the Wizard101 Marleybone world looks -- although I doubt that'll ever happen). There's some really awesome plot points in the story that are tragic and well thought out . . . it's just a great world that I know Blind Mew the developer is proud of.  He should be!

And in both worlds of both games I just really like the steampunk vibe--that ALONE would escalate them to my favorite worlds. Steampunk is awesome.

How about you?  What are your favorite worlds and why?

Happy Dueling!

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Scarlettredkitty said...

My favorite world is marleybone and for the same reasons that you said