Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gobbler Differences?

D.S. Devereaux asks, "What do you suppose would be the difference between the citizens of Gobblerton and the Gobblers of Colossus Boulevard? I suppose they'd send the fatter, more powerful gobblers to scope things out, but they could want leaner adventurer-types to claim the new kingdom. 

(Just in case, I'm not attempting/implying to abuse #1 of the off-list. Just awfully curious on what you think of the topic.)"

Hmmmm. You know, it does appear that perhaps as a Gobbler grows in size he also becomes part of the upper echelon of Gobblerdom, as demonstrated by the extreme size of the Gobbler King.

He's awesome, isn't he?  I love that Jeff Toney took him on as his avatar at KingsIsle.

I really have no idea about the back lore of the Gobblers, but I'm sure it all resides somewhere in someone's head as a vague memory from seven years ago . . . that's usually how all original Wizard City lore goes. With that said, I think your theorizing is probably spot on!

The raiding Gobblers on the street that are a bit leaner and stinkier.

And then there's the Prince who's as big as a Buffaloon.

I'm sure the citizens of Gobblerton come in all shapes and sizes and have their own backward fun.  In my mind I'm imagining a school like Wysteria, only made of Gobbler schools . . . School of Gaseous Cloud . . . School of Skeletal Food Remains . . . School of Taco Throwing . . .

It's certainly something that lends itself to Fan Fiction!

Happy Dueling

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Chrissy The Blesser said...

Lol, I suppose someone could raise quite the stink with some nefarious gobbler plots :P