Thursday, June 19, 2014

Khrysalis continued and a string of band jokes

Hey!  I got a couple comments yesterday:

1. Chrissy The Blesser said, "I am back and playing again too but you got me beat already. My highest (Chrissy Lionrider) is only lvl 86. Perhaps I'll catch up. :D
Happy bug hunting. :D"

Oh nice! I have no doubt you'll overtake my levels as I march onward to 100, but it sounds like the gauntlet has been thrown! (I wish I had more time to play this game at work rather than simply think and talk about it.) Funny, when you said bug hunting, my first thought was not about insects...

Speaking of which, anybody else seen this disappearing bug act?

2. Alric Ravensinger said, "Put down the Wand and get ye tail back to Flotsam, sir. Jk, lol.

My only tip(s). Play with a friend, and maybe carry a May cast Fairy pet. But since you can heal/attack may not be as bad. Might wanna invest in some Crit [gear] and/or Resist [on the pet]."

Hehe, you know my heart is in Flotsam. :) Although I was dismayed to see Kan Po betraying me yesterday.

As far as gear and pets and whatnot . . . Well I actually do have that going for me, My Ninja Pig pet is a healing dynamo with good resists and I've got both Jade gear and Waterworks gear--I believe I'm wearing a strange combination of the two with a prepaid card piece thrown in for flavor. I found a deck I had set up that's working well enough, but from what I can tell Khrysalis 1 doesn't seem to be too difficult so far, which ain't a bad thing necessarily?

I've been doing a lot of this:

And this:

And this:

like riding an evil bicycle of death magic . . . and it's been pretty fun!

Aside from that . . . Oh writers . . . Look at you go . . .

Nice . . .

Happy Dueling!

1 comment:

Chrissy The Blesser said...

Some massively wonderful shots there and some kick tush damage. Well done. But then again this IS you we are watching. You could prob do the same with no gear right? :D
I am SO loving the writing too and all the nods to Pirate stuff. Just having a blast with even more meanings thrown into the mix.