Monday, June 23, 2014

Ding 93 and the groaniest groan ever.

Hello readers of TFN!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and all is well. Leave me a note, tell me what you did in the wonderful world of The Spiral!

Me? I dinged 93 in Wizard101.

Yup, there I am hanging with Sidra So. . . . (head in the way) . . . Knife. OHHHH, yeah, it's Sidra Soaringknife from purple land, otherwise known as Tyrian Gorge.

But I believe all you Pirates call it Devilfish Hollow. yarr!

Hard to tell though until you spin it 180 and put a bunch of green and brown instead of purple and blue, but the similarities as you're wandering around in there is uncanny as far as I'm concerned!

That's magic for you! They look and enter completely different, but once you're inside you can't help but feel like you've seen this place before.  It's a special feeling that only people who play Wizard101 and Pirate101 BOTH get.  I call it fan-juju.  Ok, not really, but that word just came to my mind.  I GOTZ FAN-JUJU!

Anyway, I'm enjoying my time in Khrysalis! I like that so far it's focused less on "cheating bosses" and more on "unfair fights," meaning 3 vs. 1 or 4 vs. 1.  I'm absolutely sure I'm soon going to run into a harder fight, but quite honestly, Death wizards are built for soloing, and I've been doing that pretty good (no deaths yet).  I did run into a kind stranger though between level 92 and 93 and had a nice time questing with her until I went AFK and she zoomed ahead.  No worries though--that's just what happens.

So, who all groaned when they saw this awful play on words in the game?

If not, here you go, Brighteyes, enjoy:


Until next time . . . I hope this post brought you much fan-juju.

Happy Dueling, Brighteyes! 


Chrissy The Blesser said...

LOL these kind of references are one of my favorite parts of the KingsIsle world. I never know when I am gonna be delightfully surprised with an artful blend of the Spiral and reality that is just an appreciated groan or an impressive connect that just makes my day.

"Fan Juju" You Sir have just coined a phrase that has filled a huge hole in my thought processes that I couldn't quite explain. That is PERFECT and it will be forever etched in my vocabulary.

Now I can't wait to experience Devilfish Hollow revisited.

I have had a very busy weekend finally creating that Mooshu Mystic guide I have been planning for ages. Not quite finished but that post will be showing up soon. :D

Keep up the great work, these are always such a delight to read.

Blessings and giggles on ya.

taliesinharps said...

Fan-Juju!!! ROFL

Clay McNiff said...

Ah, I wish I could play Wizard 101 again, I cant afford membership anymore :(, it was such a fun game