Friday, June 6, 2014

Game Focus For Friendly?

Duncan StormThief writes, "Hello Friendly, very kind of you to let us ask you questions. OK, I can only imagine how much time were you spending in wizard101 while you were blogging, and only blogging about it. Now when you work for KI do you have any time at all for wizard101, did you defeat the Morganthe? I am only asking this, bcs since I got "hooked" on pirates I don't spend time on wizard101 like I used to. I was constantly farming for something, mostly pets, have a huge first gen pet collection. But know when I embraced my my pirate side, I am spending way less time on there. Also now that pirates introduced the adv pet, I am way more occupied with pirate101 then wizard101. Now, I was wondering, how is this all impacting you? Not only that you play pirate101, you are working for pirate101 team. Do you still have time for wizard101, or maybe you barley have the time for both games? Do tell. Sry for long text, I am looking forward hearing from you :) "


Oh yeah, definitely when you work at the company that makes the games you love, things change a bit.  When you see the inner workings daily and watch the team creating content and know all the internal struggles and victories that go into making new stuff, it changes things. When you come home from a hard day of thinking about Pirate101 and Wizard101,it can be harder to turn on a game of Pirate101 or Wizard101 to relax and unwind; although, it is possible, and I've successfully done it before plenty of times! :) But, I for sure want you to know that I definitely still love these games, and I'm still playing them -- whether on Internal servers or in the Live Game. I think deeply about them each day, and I'm very excited for everybody to see all the cool things coming next.

As for Wizard101, I was doing pretty good keeping up with expansions until Khyrsalis hit, and then I started to fall behind. Actually, if Uber Wife was playing more Wizard101 right now, it would be even MORE motivation to play.  (Having family members to play beside is always nicer. Not that I'm blaming Uber Wife mind you . . .) So to answer your question, I have yet to beat Morganthe in her final manifestation. It sounds like fun though, and it's on my list of things to do.

As to your worries of bouncing back and forth between Wizard101 and Pirate101, I think our hearts tend to gravitate more to one game at a time. What do you think?  A lot of that seems to involve the people that are hanging out there waiting for you to log on as well. You know . . . FRIENDS! Either way, I'm psyched that KingsIsle games are your games of choice. Awesome.

Have fun with those pet collections!

Thanks for understanding, and I appreciate the note.

Happy Dueling

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