Friday, June 20, 2014

Ding 92 and more feedback!

This happened!

Ding 92!

I really like the urgency in Khrysalis so far!  The chase scene in Last Wood with Poul BrokenSword and the urgency brought about by Dyvim being stung . . . those were really cool story enhancers that worked wonders with the pace for me.

Also got another comment, this time from good ol' taliesinharps, "I never depend on crit, but and I cant stress this enough resist and block are your best friends and a pet with any may cast heal. The crafted gear for death isnt great but some crowns gear might be useful, the preference is Hades gear but Water Works is good too (my storm is using that set)"

Nice! How are you doing these days, taliesinharps? I can see you're of the defensive mindset when it comes to this content.  Thanks!  I'll keep that in mind.  I'd call my current set up and deck . . . balanced? I keep hoping that I'll run into an upgraded piece of gear along my path here, but I know how it really works. hehe. The big bang items are with the bosses and they're usually not that easy to get . . . welcome to MMOs, eh?

Of course, you know me, I'd rather not even think about gear. ;)

Now if I was a heavy PvP'er . . .

Happy Dueling

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