Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kicking up Khrysalis Again, Friends!


How's everyone today?

I just wanted to leave a note to tell you all that I've started playing a bit of Wizard101 again, and Thomas Lionblood is now level 91 and climbing.

Don't you just hate that little sliver of red life left? 

Anyway, this is just a quick note that I'm back at it and happy to be playing some W I Z A R D 1 oh  1!

Feel free to leave any quick tips an tricks in a message on this post.  I'd love to hear from you all.

Happy Dueling


Alric Ravensinger said...

Put down the Wand and get ye tail back to Flotsam, sir. Jk, lol.

My only tip(s). Play with a friend, and maybe carry a May cast Fairy pet. But since you can heal/attack may not be as bad. Might wanna invest in some Crit [gear] and/or Resist [on the pet].

Chrissy The Blesser said...

I am back and playing again too but you got me beat already. My highest (Chrissy Lionrider) is only lvl 86. Perhaps I'll catch up. :D
Happy bug hunting. :D

taliesinharps said...

I never depend on crit, but and I cant stress this enough resist and block are your best friends and a pet with any may cast heal. The crafted gear for death isnt great but some crowns gear might be useful, the preference is Hades gear but Water Works is good too (my storm is using that set)